Tuesday, February 26, 2008

week one: family*

1/365. Kim S. (1982-present)
Your love will always be the biggest inspiration in my life. I hope I grow up to achieve all that you want for me.

2/365. Greg S. (1982-present)
I'd be lost without you in my life. Selfless, giving, hilarious - my rock on so many occasions. My hero and love of a lifetime.

3/365. Tim S. (1987-present)
I love few things as much as you - watching you grow, mature, become a man so much like Dad but so much your own.

4/365. Jen M. (1982-present)
I miss you since you moved to Tennessee - come back! Definitely my favorite aunt, but I hardly think of you as an aunt anymore.

5/365. Jim Mc. (1993-present)
We don't like each other, but we pretend well. Except for three Easters ago when you insulted me - I cried, cursed you, left early.

6/365. Peggy N. (1982-present)
I've always wanted us to be like a fairytale: stories, bonding, laughing, sharing. But I like what we are instead - comfortable, friendly, honest. Loved.

7/365. Marty N. (1982-present)
I used to think you didn't really like me - just the grandsons. Now I think we're both just uncomfortable together... hardly know each other.

*25x365 is posted every Tuesday.

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