Monday, February 25, 2008

don't make fun of me, but...

...I really like scrapbooking.

Two of my best friends just had a baby earlier this month (who I still haven't been able to visit), and I've been working my patootee off trying to convince K that she needs to start scrapbooking.

I'd do it myself if I had anything special in my life to document. Here are some memories I'd be preserving if I hopped on the wagon right now:

- The day my landlord finally fixed the leaky pipe on my toilet
- The deliciousness of the burger I had at Scottie's Brewhouse over the weekend
- Fitting all my trash into one bag for pickup this week
- Resisting the terrible urge to buy a new Coach last month (just what I need)
- Finally finishing a story for work that I've been stuck on for almost a week
- The totally incredible experience of seeing Ben Folds live in concert (wouldn't be able to include that one until after Friday!)
- The super long workout I forced myself to complete Friday night and the super healthy and Lent-friendly veggie dinner I made afterwards
- The let down of Almay's smart shade blush
- My four new tires, also known as the most boring way to drop three hundred bucks
- The late arrival of all the new books I ordered from B&N
- My newly-organized closets
- The fact that I've had a houseplant since September that I haven't yet killed

Riveting, huh? I can sense that you're all on the edge of your seats, your mice (mouses?) poised over the scroll bars.

Anyway, K - if you're reading this - please let me live vicariously through your pinking shears, frilly paper, and little stickers. I'm begging you.


Becky said...

Those are scrapbook pages I would get a kick out of. See, I bought all of the stuff several years ago, sat down with it, then promptly realized that I have nary a creative bone in my body.


Frema said...

One day, I will have a Coach purse. One day.

becky said...

Becky - yeah... I'm not really sure if I'm all that creative, either. But I'm confident both of us would definitely be able to make something out of material like a fixed toilet.

Frema - It's not nearly as fun as going to the store, but you might want to check out eBay. They have a lot of "stores" where you can get brand new items at a fraction of the cost. I have two Coaches from there, and both of them arrived perfect and beautiful. Happy hunting!

KC said...

Even more than Coach - I loves me some Lill bags. You are close to Chicago, ever made one before? Look up 1154 Lill - they have a website.

It will become an obsession. You can thank me later.

becky said...

KC - Those bags are adorable! I've never heard of Lill before, but now I really want one. That might be my next extravagant purchase - we shall see. PS... Thanks A LOT for giving me yet another web obsession ;)