Tuesday, February 19, 2008

25 x 365

Over the last few months, I've come across many blogs featuring a (#) x 365 category. Through some reading and research, I discovered the source of the project, and I fell in love. For weeks I made a mental list of all the people I could write about, and I decided that I'd join the ranks on my next birthday. Well, November came and went... and then so did December, January, and most of February. Needless to say, I forgot about the super cool idea that I once loved.

I was reminded of it once again when I noticed a new tab on Being Thirty. So now, more than three months after my 25th birthday, I'm finally going to jump in.

Starting next week, every Tuesday I'll be posting one week's worth of 25-word stories about 365 people I've met, one for every day of my 25th year of life (plus about three months of my 26th year).

You can join me and people all over the world here: http://www.x365.org/


annie said...

wow. this is a big commitment, and i love it. doing some quick math though, won't you be writing these things for the next 7 years?

i might give this a go. but i might only make it to like 25...do i know 365 people?

becky said...

I was worried that I might not know 365 people, either... but it's not too hard to get a big list going when you sit down and think about it in terms of stages of your life. I don't have 365 on my list yet, but I hope I'll meet some interesting people over the course of one year that I can add to it.

I should have been clearer - I'll be posting 7 stories every Tuesday. The real way to do this project is to have an entire blog dedicated to a post a day... but I want to use this lovely blog and still be able to post other stuff.

Becky said...

This is a great idea. I'm commitment-phobic, so I guess I'll have to do it vicariously through you.

becky said...

Well, I don't know, Becky... that puts a lot of pressure on me... ;) Thanks for the comment!

MissHum22 said...

I'm inspired... how inspired remains to be determined, but what a wonderful idea!

KC said...

so THATS what that is...thank you for clearing it up. What a fantastic idea.

matty lite said...

Holy christ, that's a lot of people to write about. Maybe I could do it if I made it 36.5

becky said...

MissHum - I know... it inspired me, too, but it's easy to be inspired at the beginning of a project. We'll see where I am three months from now.

KC - I spent a little more time researching it than I'm willing to admit. I saw it popping up everywhere!

Matty - lol I was thinking along the same lines at first. I started making a list of exceptions: didn't need to count holidays, weekends, birthdays of loved ones, days that end in "y"... you know.