Tuesday, February 26, 2008

american idol - top ten men

Michael Johns - Fleetwood Mac YAY! A little rough on the edges tonight... the verses sounded nice, but the chorus was strained. The ending was cool - I dug that. I really liked the arrangement they used, too. I agree with Randy: it kinda seemed like Michael was holding back tonight. I was waiting/hoping for him to start rocking out at some point.

Jason Castro - How cute is he?! He's completely adorable. Not his best - less than desirable song choice, I think, but still decent. I think he'll be in it for a while yet, but I don't think he's strong enough (yet, anyway) to win it. As long as he keeps the guitar with him, he'll be safe.

Luke Menard - My favorite Queen song! I just think he's so weird to watch. I know they keep talking about his incredible range... but I'm just not a fan of it. He sounds nasally and constantly sharp - Randy had it right when he said whiny. Weird ending on this song tonight, but it was better than last week (not that that's a tough accomplishment!). And did I just completely miss the "Dawson's Creek" comparison Ryan tossed out?

Robbie Carrico - Kid Rock had an excellent night! I really liked this performance. I agree with Randy to a degree... Robbie didn't really pull out all the stops, but I liked him tonight a lot more than the judges did. Of the first four performances, I thought his was the best.

Danny Noriega - I hated just about everything about this performance. The only thing I liked was that the song reminded me of the scene in Tommy Boy when they're in the car and there's a montage of them singing to all the hilarious songs. I'm just totally not a fan of this guy, and I wish the judges would listen to me.

David Hernandez - Great performance, a really fun one to watch. Best one of the night so far, no question - I thought he rocked, completely. I love that Simon told him at Hollywood that he'd have to work harder than anyone to stay in this competition, and he clearly has worked harder than anyone else so far. Good for him! Side note: do you think he gets his eyebrows waxed? Cause I do.

Jason Yeager - I just can't stand watching him. All his show choir smiling creeps me out. Randy was totally right - that song is more about the instrumentation (read: rocking out) than the vocals. I'm not a fan of Jason, and I won't be surprised (or disappointed) if he's voted off this week. Frankly, I'm surprised he's still here right now. I will say that I did feel a pang of guilt for disliking him so much after Simon was so mean to him. And what was with the weird picture-in-picture type thing that the producers did when they panned away from him?

Chikezie - Great performance! Of course, there's no way he could have done any worse than last week, but this was awesome! Lots of fun to watch him looking comfortable and having a good time on stage. The banter between him and Simon after he sang was hilarious, and his intro video was really cool - interesting and entertaining. I'm a fan.

David - Word nerd?! LET ME AT HIM. I love the song he chose - one of my faves. I thought this was a really great and fun performance - his vocals were great (although I think he could have done just a little bit more to switch up the chorus every now and then), the guitar was awesome, he completely worked the crowd - just an all-around entertaining performance. DID SIMON JUST SAY THAT WORDS ARE BORING??????????????????? My ears are burning - I can't believe I just heard that. And from a British man! I completely disagree with him in that David's video didn't "do" anything for him... and I also don't think that David was trying to "point out the rules" of the competition to Simon. He was making a joke, trying to make the people laugh so they'd remember him - and they did, and I think they will. Maybe Simon needs to take a page from his own book and not be so defensive.

David Archuleta - As much as I hate to say it, that performance made me a huge David fan. That was gorgeous... brought tears to my eyes. David has been getting on my nerves so badly for the last few weeks - and all the girls screaming at him tonight didn't help that - but I'm a big enough to person to admit that that was an absolutely moving performance, and Simon was 100% right: David is now the person to beat (ughhh).

I'm saying Luke Menard and Jason Yeager will be voted out this round - but that's the same stinkin' thing I said last week.


KC said...

I am also watching Idol this year even though I have to admit that for some reason, I just don't care. Believe me, I have been a freak about the show for many years - it was kind of unhealthy. There is something about this group that makes me just not care, yet I still watch.

I agree with you about David at the end, to an extent. I think he is crazy-talented, but I just don't like that he messed with "Imagine". I like the little turd, though - it kills me. *sigh.

Anonymous said...

see, I just don't get it. As soon as i walked through the door last night, robyn had 'imagine' paused and ready for me to watch. "it made me cry", she said.

i just didn't think it was great. he put way too many high notes in there. the song isn't about showing your vocal range.

don't get me wrong...it was a good performance. but i got annoyed every time he hit a high note in the spots that john didn't.

also....Danny Noriega, with his femme haircut....doesn't he remind you of a spanish boy version of a girl we used to work with at SJC?

becky said...

KC - I felt like that a couple seasons ago. I stopped watching for a while, then got back on board last season. The more I thought about it afterwards, I became more upset that he chose that song, too. I think it was just a teensy bit proud... I know they're supposed to be ballsy and take risks, but maybe John Lennon isn't the way to go.

Phil - I stopped reading your comment after you put the comma on the outside of the quotation mark. Sorry! ;)

I hope that a ton of other people felt like you did about his performance... I'm a horrible, awful person, but I don't want him to win this competition. And LOL on the Spanish-boy version... you are 100% correct on that, my friend.

Anonymous said...

you were half right.....