Sunday, February 24, 2008

dear internet,


How could you have made this information public without telling me? I thought we were close - I thought my happiness meant something to you. You know it's been my dream for years to ride a Segway - you'e seen my Google history. And now I hear from someone else - that's what really gets me, that you couldn't tell me yourself - that I can throw some cash at the problem and hop right on? I don't even care if they make me wear that stupid helmet... if I'm on a Segway, nothing else is going to matter. I need some time to think about our relationship - I need to get away for a while. Say, for about two hours on a two-wheeled, self-balancing, electronic transportation device.


P.S.: In conjunction with If I Want Your Advice, I'll Ask, I'm going to bring "lylas" back. Maybe that's how we can start signing our "circle yes or no" letters?


Anonymous said...

Heads up - you can get 3 hours for only $70 at


KC said...

Just an FYI - We Chicagoans are allowed (by law) to heckle those who take segway tours. We are also allowed to throw small stones (below the neck only)at those persons. We do this because we all secretly want to ride segways ourselves, but we are bound (again, by law) to pretend as though we are way too cool.

*I am TOTALLY on board with bringing back Lylas. I am also going to start telling my co-workers to "Have a kick ass summer" when they leave for the weekend. But, I say "rad" a lot so people might not think it so bizarre.

KC said...

I just clicked on the link and read "Rain Ponchos and Snow Suits are availible seasonally." If you do this tour while wearing a snowsuit - you will be my new hero.

becky said...

Anon - THANK YOU! If i ever grow brass balls and decide that I'm confident enough to ride on a Segway in front of all those people (because, let's face it, I'd probably fall off within three minutes), I will *totally* go through that site instead. Maybe they don't make you wear those stupid helmets, too.

KC - I really need you to know that I laughed for three minutes straight at "Have a kick ass summer." My officemate kept wanting to know what was so funny, but I couldn't tell him. He just wouldn't understand. But I'm with you - I would totally make fun of people riding Segways to mask the fact that I really wanted to do it myself. Especially if I lived in a place where it was commonplace. Kinda like those horse-and-buggy tours down Michigan Avenue... I really want to do one, but I'd pretend that I was way above it. LOL again to the snow suit thing - you're hilarious :)