Monday, February 18, 2008

the semantics of an affair

Becky: Zep Speedwell* just said "i like your hair today, becky - you're having a good hair day." do you think that's code for "i want to leave my wife for you"?????

Phil: i think you'd be remiss for not finding out.

Becky: i think you're right. i think this situation definitely calls for a "circle yes or no" letter." Dear Zep - Do you want to leave your wife for me? Circle yes or no."

Phil: make a bookmark, and hide the circle yes or no message INSIDE the bookmark.

Becky: great idea. i can see you've done this before.

Phil: yes. trust me, if you put "Zep's Bookmark" on the front of the bookmark, no one will suspect a thing.

Becky: maybe i should include an addendum: "I'd also be willing to accept a cheap affair in which we are both left with shameful feelings of guilt. Circle yes or no below to select that option."

Phil: too wordy, becky.

Becky: "Zep - wanna do it? yes or no."

Phil: Do you want to leave your wife for me? Yes - No - No, but let's bang

Becky: lolllllll

Phil: aaahahahahahaha "bang" does it, doesn't it.

Becky: absolutely.

* Some names have been changed to protect the innocent, happily married, and sinfully good looking.


KC said...

Can we bring the yes/no notes back? Oh how I miss them.

Frema said...

I wonder if I know the person you're talking about? :)

becky said...

KC - me too! Living and loving was so much easier back then. *sigh*

Frema - lol - I'm pretty sure I know who you're thinking it is... and that's not who this *particular* conversation was about... but I'd be lying if I said I've never had "unclean" thoughts about him, too.