Tuesday, April 01, 2008

week six: loves of my life*

36/365. Michelle (W.) H. (2003-present)
We had an inexplicable bond that often surprised me. I admired your free spirit, and I think you rubbed off on me... just enough.

37/365. Jen (Z.) W. (2001-present)
You taught me about so many pretty indulgences and redefined how to have fun. You called me Beckles - I giggled. My creative pace setter.

38/365. Annie D. (2001-present)
Without a doubt - my lifelong muse. Inspiration. You helped me grow in a way I still don't understand. I think we needed each other.

39/365. Bridget N. (2001-present)
My most beautiful friend in so many ways. You changed my life everyday - helped me grow to love myself. You're necessary to my existence.

40/365. Kelli (K.) R. (2001-present)
I feel like you really believe in me. Effortless. You make me feel like a better person than I think I could ever be.

41/365. Brandy H. (2002-present)
My soul-mate if I were ever to say I had one. We've been tested several times - I think we're like phoenixes. We'll always rise.

42/365. Phil S. (2002-present)
Pearl Jam brought us together - never could have guessed you'd become such an influence in my life. I know you'll always be my favorite.

*25x365 is posted every Tuesday.


Anonymous said...


If it weren't for that stupid Cubs thing on your blog, I might cry right now.

Word Verification: ppfuf - funny by itself, but also similar to Pfaff. The kid that sat next to me at my SJC graduation called him "Pee-Faff".

becky said...

LOL, Phil... I love "Pee-Faff." And I knew you'd love the Cubs feed ;)

annie said...

thanks. i needed you. still do.