Tuesday, March 18, 2008

week four: cousins*

22/365. Marty N., Jr. (1982-present)
We hung out a lot when you were on Navy leave - now you're gone again, and I miss having a cousin I actually know.

23/365. Andrew Mc. (1993-present)
You and Jimmy never talk to us at holidays... and we're strangely okay with that. It's awkward: we say hello, goodbye, and nothing else.

24/365. Jimmy Mc. (1995-present)
We used to love playing together years ago. Now I think you're standoffish... at best. But so am I, so I guess it's okay.

25/365. Morgan S. (2001-present)
From the start, you latched onto me more than anyone else in the family. You're the reason I occasionally entertain the notion of motherhood.

26/365. Ryan S. (2006-present)
You're quite possibly the most well-behaved baby in the history of procreation. We're all glad that your sister won't become (more) spoiled now.

27/365. Michael W. (1985-1987)
Just one memory - you've always been a mystery. Someday I'll find you... we'll connect and be real cousins. You'll have a whole new family.

28/365. Billy N. (1989-present)
We haven't said more than a handful of words to each other our entire lives. I'm embarrassed about that... I wish I knew you.

*25x365 is posted every Tuesday.

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