Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the happiest day of my life

Well, not really - that would involve an explicit scenario with Eddie Veddar... but maybe the second happiest day. Or third. But definitely the twelfth happiest day of my life.


After a year and a half of nothing but my whining, prodding, and nagging, he's finally done it - he's written a new blog post. Because that's just the way I am, I'm going to be taking full and complete credit for this happy surprise, and I'm going to take advantage of every possible opportunity (even if it means creating said opportunities myself) to remind him of the fact.

So, regular blog readers o' mine, let us join together one last time for the common good. Phil has promised (PROMISED) to keep blogging regularly (at least once a week) if he gets ten comments on his new post. I love(d) reading Phil's blog, and for a long time he was the lone reader of this delicious site, so let's help a brotha out. Actually, it'd be more like helping a sistah out since I coerced this deal to begin with.

So that link one more time is: REQUESTING SOME ENLIGHTENMENT.

I'm confident you'll find him and his writing funny, crass, sarcastic... and surprisingly heartfelt - just when you're ready to chalk him up to a regular butthead. Trust me on that last one.


Melanie said...

I am not sure how I got that pandora thing to show up. I will check it out later tonight and let you know = )

Becky said...

I'll do it. Now, we need to get The Daver back in the swing of posting to his blog.

KC said...

I think your comments hate me - is this one gonna work?

Testes, testes, one, two, three?

KC said...

Oh sure - NOW they work when I write stupid stuff.

Anyhoo - I am excited to find new blogs to read. Yay Phil!

KC said...

P.S. I will totally fight you for Eddie Vedder - unless you let me have Johnny Depp and then I surrender.

Anonymous said...

Silly girls, fighting over Eddie Vedder. I'm sure there's enough to go around. That *is* the rockstar mantra, isn't it?

I guess I've decided to blog again, although Becky came up a bit short. 10 comments was probably too much to ask for. Although right now, I'm sure she's flipping through her Excuses Rolodex to find the right one for the job....

..."What Would Jesus Do? Not get you 10 comments."