Thursday, March 27, 2008

week five: high school teachers*

29/365. Mr. John G. (1994-2001)
You taught me so much more than how to play clarinet. I felt like I could identify with you... I still feel like that.

30/365. Mrs. Sandra K. (1995-2001)
You know I always loved you the best. My mom says you still ask about me... you're what every teacher should aspire to be.

31/365. Mr. Richard D. (1994-1997)
You had a song for everything. I made fun of you for it then, but I remember just about everything you ever taught me.

32/365. Ms. Sandra B. (1996-1997)
Fun, innovative, unique - the first person to say I should become a writer. I hope I can credit you in a novel one day.

33/365. Miss Linda B. (1997-2001)
You said I wasn't good enough to major in music, and I always resented you for that. But now I think you were right.

34/365. Mr. Brett W. (2000-2001)
You were fresh out of college and my favorite teacher. You made everything into something we could relate to and often quoted Star Wars.

35/365. Mr. Robert K. (1997-2001)
You had African clawed frogs in your tanks and said you were a virgin till you were 40. I learned a lot that year.

*25x365 is posted every Tuesday... except for this week, since it's Thursday.


KC said...

I played the clarinet too! Weird.

Anonymous said...

My cousin also played the clarinet, in the 3rd grade. Then he grew very long hair, because a big fan of Jackyl, started playing guitar in a Kiss cover band, did lots of drugs, went to jail a bunch, etc etc.

I'm very glad to know that there are some people out there that give the clarinet a good name.

becky said...

KC - Clarinet is the best. I was B-flat - what were you?

Phil - Was it Zach?! Or Nick?! I could totally see Nick D. being "a big fan of Jackyl." And of all your cousins that I've met, he'd look the absolute best in the Kiss makeup.

becky said...

PS, Phil - I hope you enjoy the new addition to my sidebar. :) :) :) :) :)

Sean said...

Mr. W was I think my favorite teacher ever. this is a very neat little thing you've got going on here beck. you are an amazing writer

KC said...

I was grade-A terrible is what I was. my stand partner and I used to challenge eachother for last chair.

I never wanted to play Clarinet, but my public school had us choose instruments in alphabetical order (My last name starts with a W) so they wopuldn't let me play ANY of the instruments I wanted to play because the sections were full.


Melanie said...

I have a life long crush on someone on this list. Guess who!