Wednesday, February 20, 2008

american idol - top twelve women

Kristy Lee Cook - Sick or not, this was a totally boring opener for the show. She's really pretty, but she's so lifeless to watch... except for that weird eye thing she started doing at the beginning. I really liked her when she sang "Amazing Grace"... I kinda hope she gets the chance to show us which one of these performances was a fluke.

Joanna Borgella - Eh. Kinda on the boring side. I guess maybe I just expect more out of someone who sang at Madison Square Garden. If they're picking their own songs at this point, why didn't Joanna pick something that fit into her lower range? Totally unrelated to her performance, this girl has the most beautiful skin I've ever seen in my entire life.

Alaina Whitacker - She really has to stop doing that yodel-y thing with her voice. A pretty good performance - she should get her birthday present to stay on the show. I don't know. She's definitely not my favorite, but she did all right.

Amanda Overmeyer - This is her first performance that I haven't been completely on board with her. I love her style and the fact that she's so unique... I'll admit that I find her a little frightening... but I do like her. Just a very strange song choice, I think. Plenty of other female rock songs she could have chosen - I think she could definitely rock some Melissa Etheridge.

Amy Davis - Brutally honest... I absolutely hate her. Tonight's performance just solidified what I already knew: she's only here because Simon liked her huge cans. Even though she's from my hometown (sort of), I cannot wait for her to get the hell off this show. I really wanted to be the first person from The Region to make it on Idol - and after tonight's performance, at least I still have a chance! Bye bye, Amy.

Brooke White - First off, it's so not fair that she gets to have curly hair and bangs. That's just not supposed to work... you can't have both. Anyway, this was a little weird for me. I guess I just dislike when people scat or vamp or whatever you want to call it. The performance was a little boring for me. I really liked Brooke's other performances, though, and I hope she gets the chance to bring it up a notch again.

Alexandrea Lushington - I think she definitely has a cool voice - she probably needs to work on her higher register a little bit, but a cool sound. I don't know... it was a little strange, but she did it really well. She kinda reminds me of Lauren Hill in a way. I dug it.

Kady Malloy - This girl bores the heck out of me. She has a really nice voice, but I hate watching her. Her film tonight kinda made me think she's annoying and has a bad attitude. But that's unrelated. Her performance tonight was boring - nothing special about it. That Brittney impression is dead on, though - maybe there's a career in that.

Asia'H Epperson - I really wish they would stop showing her audition clip, because it makes me bawl every time. This girl has my complete respect for keeping it together this whole time as well as she has. Is it just me, or does she do something strange with her consonants every time? I liked this performance - I thought it was really fun. She's very comfortable and easy to watch on stage. In addition to her awesome voice, I think that's what's putting her over the top so far. So many of the other seem so uptight up there. And I really like her haircut :)

Ramiele Malubay - One of my favorite songs. A pretty nice performance from Ramiele tonight - I'd love to see what she's really got, though. I disagree with Randy - I don't think she saved her big voice for the end... at least I *hope* that's not her big voice. I think she's holding out on us. And if she's not? Well... I think she'll be leaving us before too long. But for now - she's definitely safe.

Syesha Mercado - I love her. From the beginning, she's reminded me of Stephanie (can't remember her last name - from last season). I loved Stephanie. MAN what a performance. Fun, high-spirited - just great. Love her!

Carly Smithson - You know what? I'd make out with her. Yeah. I'd probably turn momentarily gay for her if she asked me to. She was a little pitchy tonight, but she's definitely still the best female vocalist this season by far. Simply beautiful voice, wonderful performance.

I'm saying that Amy White (PLEASE GOD) and Joanna Borgella will be voted out this round.

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