Sunday, December 04, 2005

Welcome back, Kotter!

And welcome back, Becky.

Hello. Remember me? I'm the author of the blog you used to visit frequently, but have since probably stopped checking for regular updates. My apologies - I haven't much felt like writing lately. But, after several angry comments and e-mails, I've decided that I've neglected my blog long enough.

So, I'm back. If you'll have me, that is.

Some other things that are back:

1. Cabbage Patch Kids
2. Jellies - the shoes and the bracelets
3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
4. Big earrings
5. Care Bears
6. Chucks
7. Retro t-shirts
8. Ghetto-gold jewelry
9. Wearing spandex under a skirt
10. Bangs

See ya :)


Molly said...

Welcome Back Becky,
I am glad that big earrings are back...what fun. I guess that spandex under a skirt is fun, but what is the point.

What are Chucks? -people named Charles with the nickname of Chuck, ground hog relatives? - bits of regurgitated food?

Phil said...

Chucks are "Chuck Taylors"...a specific brand of shoe that really never went out of style anyway. Actually, I have to call bullshit on most of list. I know I'm not the "Fashion Plate" of Rensselaer, IN, but things like gold jewelry have been "in" since east-coast rappers came on the scene. spandex under skirts? nuh-uh.

TMNT, on the other hand, is back in full force.


Becky said...

Hey, Phil.....



Becky said...



Melanie said...

I take full credit for that bang trend lol

Frema said...

They're the world's most fiercesome fighting team

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

They're heroes in a half-shell
And they're green

(Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)