Monday, October 10, 2005

This is kinda fun - thanks, Mel!

Pick 20 random people of your friends that you know personally (i.e. have actually met in person). Type them out first BEFORE reading any of the questions, then answer the questions accordingly.


  1. Brandy
  2. Clark
  3. Lindsay
  4. Annie
  5. Money
  6. Ligda
  7. Jen
  8. Bridget
  9. Phil
  10. Wes
  11. Mark
  12. Kenny
  13. Kelly
  14. Chuck
  15. Ellen
  16. Cortny
  17. Schafer
  18. Maia
  19. Abby
  20. Charley
What would you do if you had never met #5?
Never found the joys of Badly Drawn Boy or Best in Show… and never gotten eight hundred drunken messages that began with “BECKY BOY!!!”

What do you honestly think of #10?
Wes is the most eccentric person I’m pretty sure I will ever meet in my entire life. And I love him for it.

Would/did #19 and #8 go out?
Probably…… they’re both kind of hippie-ish and maybe into "free love." They both really love their husbands, though. (Well, Mel isn’t really Bridget’s husband… but come on.)

Did you ever like #3?
There was a point in our friendship where people honestly thought we were lesbians. We are not nor never were…. but it was still funny to pretend.

If #1 died tomorrow, what is the one thing that you would need him/her to know?
That she is the best friend anyone could ever hope to have and I love her more than anything…. And that I’m sorry for everything that happened two years ago and I hate myself a little every day for acting the way that I did. (Okay that's like four things... but she deserves a million, so four is pretty good.)

Would #2 and #11 make a good couple?
Probably not. I mean… I guess I don’t really know… but I’m pretty sure they’re both straight as arrows.

Describe #7 in three words:
Passionate. Loyal. Entertaining.

Do you think #12 is hot?
EVERY DAY. I sort of asked him to marry me a few years ago… it’s a long story.

Would #1 and #17 make a good couple?
lol – maybe… if not “good,” definitely “nice.” They’d probably be the nicest and most polite couple in the history of the universe.

What do you think of when you see No. 8?
lol again… oh, so many things. Our apartment two years ago… the many haircuts of Bridget Newman… her fur-trimmed coat named Pierre… Wrigleyville and Bucktown… Boone’s Farm… the ‘Roo… staying awake until all hours of the night and having to shush ourselves every three minutes because “Wrigleyville is sleeping”... Sex and the City I’m getting sad so I have to stop.

Do you know any of No. 6's family members?
YES. Steve and Winnie Ligda are two of my most favorite people ever.

What's No. 20's favorite color?
Umm… I don’t really know. He always wears a khaki-colored Titlelist visor… so I’m gonna go with khaki. (Lame-o.)

On a scale of 1-10 how cute is No. 14?
Honestly… I think he’s pretty damn cute. Probably a 9, maybe even a 10.

What would you do if No. 4 just professed his/her undying love for you?
Tell her that I love her just as much.

Who is No. 16 going out with?
Nowadays… probably just her husband. Probably.

Is No. 9 a boy or a girl?
Phil is a boy, contrary to what his many mood swings would have you believe.

Would No. 18 and No. 4 make a good couple?
Yeah! If they woke up homosexual one day, I totally think they’d make a great couple.

Who do you think No. 15 would be great with from this list?
For Ellen, it’s only the best… definitely Money. I think they’d be great together.

When was the last time you talked to No. 12?
This afternoon.

What is No. 3's favorite band?
Van Morrison.

Does No. 2 have any siblings?
Um… two brothers and a sister.

Would you ever date No. 6?
Yeah, I’d date Ligda. It wouldn’t last more than a day, but it’d be a fun day, I think.

Would you ever date No. 15?
If I was going to start dating girls, Ellen would be one of the first girls I’d call, I think.

Is No. 7 single?
Nope! Sorry, boys.

What is No. 20's last name?

What is No. 1's middle name?
Lynn, just like mine :)

Where does No. 9 live?

Would you make out with No. 13?
If she wasn’t married and we were both really, really drunk and homosexual… maybe. She’s pretty.

Are No. 5 and No. 6 best friends?
There was a time when they probably were something close to best friends.

Does No. 7 like No. 20?
She LOVES him. We all do.

How did you meet No. 18?
She started as my professor… then quickly turned into my boss, friend, hero, and mentor. She is currently who I aspire to be.

Is No. 12 older than you?
He sure is. But not as much older than me as every other person on my list (with the exception of 3, 13, 15, and 19). I’m a youngin’.

Is No. 17 the sexiest person alive?
He’s up there!

Have you hooked up with more than three people on this list?
Yes, if you include Bridget.


Brandy said...'re just about the best person ever :)

Luke said...

Oh yeah! I'm going to make a list of my own. It's gonna have Frema on it, and Steve, and David...but you know who is not going to be on it?

That's right! No Richard Simmons is going on my list. No sir.

Becky said...

Luke, I'm glad you'll have no Richard Simmons on your list.

I had a really hard time thinking of 20 people under pressure.... so I went to my AOL buddy list and went down the line :) Luckily, Richard Simmons isn't on my list.

Phil said...

"Phil is a boy, contrary to what his many mood swings would have you believe."

...well, I guess I'll take that over whatever you would have put if it asked if Ligda and I would make a good couple.

PS - If mood swings are any're *all* woman, baby!

Number Twelve said...

Now that I've learned she's your mentor and hero and want to grow up to be like her someday, than I definetely need to meet Maia.

Anonymous said...

If #13 is referring to me, then even if I wasn't married, was really really drunk, and was homosexual, I wouldn't make out with you anyways since you spelled my name wrong:-p


Melanie said...

Yes, this thing is so fun!

Becky said...

KELL!!! I'm so sorry. But it's the first time I've ever spelled it wrong.... I *always* do it the right way. Can you make an exception for me just this once?

Think about people that misspell it all the time.... people like PHIL. Take your wrath out on him instead of me :)

Edna said...

Why didn't I make the list, Becky? Aren't we close enough with all the time we spend together? Perhaps I should visit you a little more...

Anonymous said...

Exception granted:)

Hey...can Abby and I come visit you some weekend?

We miss you:(


Melanie said...

I, too, enjoy Badly Drawn Boy. Thank you for always reading my blog : ) And you need to update yours far more often... DAMMIT.

Frema said...

You know what would be kind of fun? Blogging!

Roger Stevens said...

I see I'm not on the list. And you're not on mine. But then we've never met. But it's a nice idea.

I like the word verification here - Yofki - sounds like a soft drink - or some kind of spititual exercise.

Anonymous said...

You know what else ruins it besides looking? Leaving it up for like a month.

Number Twelve said...

Becky where are you???

Luke said...


Laverne & Shirley said...

Schlamiel, Schlamazel, Hotzenfeffer Incorporated!

Anonymous said...

"Does No. 7 like No. 20?
She LOVES him. We all do."

If the "all" is referring to the world, which would unfortunately include me, I think there is a serious error in that statement.

Hope things are going well. Drop me a line sometime. I live online.


Danny (Waclaw -- damn anonymity)

Danny said...

I have a Blogger account now! Hurray!

Simba said...

Wemoweh, wemoweh, wemoweh, wemoweh

Molly said...

Wow, no Brightest ,Quiet Span of Sky since October. Are we going to be able to survive all of this stormy weather? Come back...

Santa said...

I'm making my list and I'm checking it twice, those who've not been blogging will be paying the price.

Frema said...

You've given up on us completely, haven't you? :( You're not even in school right now.