Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My (sorta) New Car!

That's my new car. It's a 2002 Dodge Stratus, and I absolutely love it.

Today is our two-month anniversary together. We've been very happy.

We drive to work together everyday, but we also take a lot of trips together, too. Every Thursday, she drops me off at the train station in Hammond and waits for me until midnight, when I get back from class. We also go visit Mom and Dad a lot or go shopping in Merrillville on lazy days. We've been to Purdue lots of times; we used to get lost, but now we know that campus like the backs of our hands.

I really think she is the one. We're perfect together, but not too perfect. For instance, she recognizes my faults. I sometimes forget to lock her doors, and I tend to speed a lot. I also leave half-empty bottles of water on her seats and floors.

She really only has one fault that I recognize, and it's one that I'm willing to deal with. She has a cassette tape player instead of a CD player. I just don't understand why she does this - I mean, no one listens to tapes anymore... she really needs to change her perspective and not be so closed-minded. Because I love her so much, though, I deal with her shortcomings. Brandy and I bought a Destiny's Child tape, and she gave me Roxette and Spin Doctors tapes. I'm learning to overlook it.

They say you can't change the one you love... but they apparently didn't know about Best Buy's free in-house installation with the purchase of any car stereo.


Frema said...

You know, my last two cars have only had CD players, and with the Cobalt, I am seriously considering installing a tape player. I have tons of cassettes from my formative years that I would love to relive on long commutes. You count your lucky stars, young lady, that you're not in the same unfortunate predicament. How I yearn to sing along with "Rhythm is a Dancer" and "Mr. Wendel"!

Luke said...

My, my, my. It did take you some time to actually get around to writing this one, didn't it?

Becky said...

Frema - I cannot *believe* you mentioned "Mr. Wendel"!!!!! That was one of my favorite songs in my younger years. I remember the first time I heard it - whoever the band was that sang it was performing on "In Living Color" and I remember thinking what a politically-sound song it was. I was a huge dork. But anyway.... it *is* good to Get the Ghetto Out (like Get the Lead Out! HA) with Destiny's Child every now and then... and listen to a slow rock ballad with Roxette or a funky song with the Spin Doctors.... but mostly I wish I had a CD player instead... mostly. (Hope at least one person got the "South Park" reference.)

Luke - You can just shut up :) I promised you a post about the car, but I never promised a time frame. And you never gave me one. So now I say GOOD DAY. :)

And how come no one mentioned the awesome Spin Doctors picture thrown into the middle of the story?! You people. Honestly.

Mark said...

Ahh yes. The good ol' cassette player. The best car I ever owned had a low quality cassette player that I cherished. I miss that car so much...I may have to blog about it. :)

Frema said...

Arrested Development! HA! That's the name of the band!

Chris Barron said...

If you want to call me baby, just go ahead now.

Hey, we got a new album right now. No, really we do. I'm not lying! Check it out!

Becky said...

"Arrested Development"????

To that, I say,

(and I hope Steve reads this)


Eric Schenkman said...

I so totally bet you're not believing my compadre Chris Barron, but our righteous band really does have a brand new album. Us Spin Doctors are no liars!

Brandy said...

All you ladies leave yo man at home
The club is full of ballas and
They pockets full grown (ba ba ballas ballas)
And all you fellas leave yo girl
With her friends
Cause its 11:30 and the club is
Jumpin, jumpin

Phil said...

Know what I just noticed? The monkey in that guy's hands. What's up with the hat? He looks like an extremely gay Slash. Carrying around Curious George. Sorry was The Man in the YELLOW Hat. Not the Gay Slash Hat.

Number Twelve said...

I wore out my copy of Arrested Development by listening to it four times a week for about two months straight as I logged time on a stationery bike at a health club. I was 23 and smoked on-and-off for about five years. Wanted to keep my Smooch Dog, so I quit smoking (for the 100th and last time), and got healthy. Mr. Wendel and Revival. Good times.