Thursday, June 16, 2005

"There Was a Time"

Living by oneself in a town like Rensselaer sure does give one a lot of time to think.

There Was a Time
    - Written by a former roommate who has changed my life on many occassions.

There was a time,
which was a force -
invisible, unsensed,
that was a change.

There was a time
when a silver pane of glass
reflected nothing
but each's silver lining.

There was a time
when hours melted
into lifetimes -
and lifetimes into
mere moments.

There was a time
when worries floated,
suspended in too much
joy to dream of sinking.

There was a time
when "woman" meant
so much more than
estrogen or ovaries:
and in its stead - strength.

There was a time
when there was no "time" -
when lessons disguised
as days passed like
the turning pages
of a delicate novel.

. . and I lived these memories,
. . and I loved these moments,
. . and I am forever
by the fragile
which blessed our

I certainly do miss those girls.


Luke said...

I'll admit it is not the most exciting place to be, but there are things to do and get involved in if you look for them.

Frema said...

I hear there's a college in your little town. Maybe there's something to get into there?