Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Go Blue Demons!

I've *finally* been officially accepted into graduate school! And after what I've had to go through to get here, let me tell you... it's a relief.

Just to rehash for those of you who don't know my grad school woes, I applied in November, only to find out in early February (I think) that St. Joe sent my transcripts to the wrong address (which still baffles me... they were sent to my parents' address, even though I didn't put that address anywhere on the transcript form. hmmm.). So I had to resend my transcripts. I gave DePaul a few weeks, called to check on my application status, when I was told that they never received my portfolio and personal statement. I worked really damn hard on those things. So I had to take time out (when I was consumed with my Core 10 projects) to redo pretty much my entire application , pay for postage again, and wait. The real kicker of the story is the reason why they "never received" my portfolio and personal statement. Apparently, they changed addresses around Christmastime and my application materials were sent to the old address. I was told that they have boxes (BOXES) of back mail sitting in their office, just waiting to be opened. When I asked if it would be better for me to wait for them to work their way through the mail or simply resend everything to the new address, I was told to go ahead and resend it because "who knows when or if we'll even go through all that stuff." An institute of higher education has mail from November sitting in their offices in April and are unsure as to whether they will even open any of it. Super!

Anyway... although I'm still a little bitter about my application experience, I'm way excited that I've finally been officially accepted. I say "officially" accepted because the admissions woman I dealt with through the whole ordeal assured me that I'd have no problem getting accepted... apparently, it's not a hard program to get into. But that doesn't make it a bad program! I think education is what you make of it. And I definitely plan to make something of this.

I can't wait to register! I'm excited that I'll be getting to pick classes all over again and buy books and answer questions in class and have writing prompts and people who are paid to give feedback and advice... I can't wait :)

Come September, I will be working towards earning my Masters in Writing from DePaul University. The only thing left to conquer is the most scary detail of them all... The Drive. I've never driven downtown (the writing program is offered only at the Lincoln Park and Naperville campuses... I chose Lincoln Park), and I'm not at all ashamed to admit that I'm really, really scared to give it a shot. I'd almost rather just drive up to my parents house and take the train into the city... but after hearing some horror stories and remembering that my classes will all be during the evening, I'm becoming a little hesitant toward that option, as well.

Remember in junior high and high school, what a huuuuge deal it was if someone copied something off you? Like, if you bought a skirt and some other girl went out and bought the same exact one three days later... that girl was in huge trouble socially. You and all your friends were thereby given full unspoken permission to scowl in her general direction, even mumble things under your breath as she walked by. Because she was a copier! A poser, a tool, if you will. Well... I sort of feel like that girl. The one allowed to call me out on my copying is your friend and mine, Frema.

First, I filled her position when she decided to leave SJC. I inherited her office and her fun picture of the geese. With a full-time job, I of course needed a place to live... so I took her apartment. She even left me some goodies, including a bookshelf and a modem. Now, I'm following in her footsteps and going into the same master's program she just graduated from (assuming she passes her last final this week, hehe :)). I've never really been one to copy trends or the styles of other people, but it just must be something about Frema.

I should really work on getting my own life.



Adam said...

Lost mail, inconsistent communication, lost transcipts . . . Welcome to higher education.
Congrats on your acceptance to DePaul, though! How exciting!

Frema said...

You know, it's really pretty fun on the train. Give it a whirl. You'll feel very Sex and the City.

And for the record, I think I passed my FINAL final exam just fine. Yippee!

Luke said...

Remember now, when you graduate in a few years, you have to sign up for commencement and opt not to go at the last minute. It's the only way the circle will be complete.

Frema said...

P.S. Even though the program isn't that hard to get into, you do have to take a qualifying exam before your sixth class in order to continue. THAT is a test to study for.