Wednesday, June 29, 2005

My First List!

Hooray for stealing yet another thing from Frema.

Becky's Top 17 Riley Wedding Weekend Moments
  • 1) Borrowing my mom's Explorer.
  • 2) Phil's speech at the reception. I knew it would be great... but I didn't expect it to be that great.
  • 3) David getting wasted and doing somersaults on the dance floor.
  • 4) During the rehearsal when I handed the flowers for Mary to Chuck instead of Kel... Kel's mom whispered, "Um, make sure you give those to Kelli tomorrow," and I busted up laughing while the priest was giving instructions... I couldn't stop laughing for like ten minutes...
  • 5) When Phil put his arm around a little boy sitting at the bar and said, "Two shots of Jager, please," and the bartender actually brought out two shots.
  • 6) The story that Chuck told me after dinner... I can't remember a word of it, but I do remember that I have never laughed so hard at anything in my entire life.
  • 7) Everytime someone rolled their eyes or made a snide comment about the bitchy photographer.
  • 8) Slow-dancing to "Wonderful Tonight" with Kelli's 14-year-old cousin, Hillary.
  • 9) Calling a former SJC novelty act "So-and-So, the Mentalist" and putting up with hearing "'MENTALIST' ISN'T EVEN A WORD, ENGLISH MAJOR!!" from Kelli, Chuck, David, and Abby... only to have Phil tell me the next day that he knew exactly what I was talking about the entire time and just wanted everyone to rip on me.
  • 10) Dancing the Macarena with Abby and David. (In 22 years of life, I have managed to successfully avoid ever doing the Macarena... until that fateful day in June.)
  • 11) Watching Kelli freak out all weekend and swear that nothing would calm her down until the wedding was over with... only to see the anxiety and fear completely leave her face as soon as she made eye contact with Chuck from the end of the aisle in the church.
  • 12) Abby.
  • 13) Discovering that were still some people out there who hadn't heard the story of how Chuck used me to get to Kelli.
  • 14) Drinking in the hotel with everyone afterwards... almost getting caught by the cops... not knowing how to lock/unlock the doors... losing the key... the "categories" game... the kid with the skatebaords walking through the grass at 3 a.m.
  • 15) Realizing how far Kel and Chuck have come... picturing them still as the boy too afraid to talk to Kelli and the girl positive that Chuck wouldn't like her.
  • 16) Searching for alcohol in Meijer with Abby while wearing our bridesmaid's dresses.
  • 17) Getting absolutely shitfaced wasted and having those conversations you'd never dream of having sober... just like we used to :)

  • Seriously... best weekend ever!!!


    Frema said...

    Don't forget to include a link for the person you steal ideas from. :)

    Phil said...'s not that i *wanted* everyone to rip on you. Everyone just seemed to be hanving such a fun time that i didn't want to spoil it.

    And you said yourself that it was probably better that way.

    I'm glad you liked the speech....I hope that little guy liked his Jager!

    Phil said...

    PS - I love to spell.