Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I don't wanna work - I just wanna post to my blog all day

I'm antsy today. I can't really seem to sit still or concentrate on much of anything. 15 Minutes of work left.

Today started off badly. I was in a horrible mood because of something a faculty member said... a faculty member who should know better. Although I've since forced myself to get over it, I'm positive that this situation is only going to get worse. It probably won't happen right away... but I'm really not looking forward to when it does.

Yuck. Enough of that. I don't even want to think about it anymore.

Last Saturday I participated in my first event as a member of the SJC staff. It was the Fellows Induction Ceremony... people pledge boatloads of money and they get a nifty certificate and a big lunch in return. It was actually kind of fun... I met a lot of really nice people and had fun with my co-workers. It was hotter than hell... but fun nonetheless.

On Sunday, my brother graduated from high school. It was a little sad for me to see him up there in his robe... smiling with his friends, sharing inside jokes, flirting with girls... it makes me feel old. And at 22, I shouldn't have to feel old yet. But listening to him talk about how cool it's gonna be living in a dorm next year with his friends and how great it will be when he doesn't have a curfew makes me remember when we used to play Ninja Turtles and Capture the Flag and Ghost in the Graveyard when we were kids... he's so grown up now. Now he talks about God and love and careers and money... it used to be all about video games, TV, and touch football.

4:29. I'm outta here.

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Adam said...

Don't sweat the small stuff.