Monday, March 21, 2005

It's a sad, sad day.

When I have a brand new hairdo
With my eyelashes all in curl,
I float as the clouds on air do,
I enjoy being a girl!

When men say I'm cute and funny
And my teeth aren't teeth but pearls,
I just lap it up like honey
I enjoy being a girl!

Well... it's the end of the Sarah Jessica Parker Gap commercials. Since August (when she signed with Gap), I've been basking in the fact that, although Sex and the City had to come to a premature end, I could still turn on the TV and be greeted by SJP. Apparently, Gap thought it was time to go for someone younger.... Joss Stone.

WTF is wrong with SJP?! She's beautiful... and wonderful... and successful... and accomplished... Joss Stone isn't even 18 yet. Yes, she does have a great voice and it's cool that she made her way into the spotlight from singing backup for Britney Spears... but she's definitely no SJP.

I was really enjoying the lame, ultra-feminine Gap commercials starring my Sarah Jessica.

Anyone want to boycott the store with me?


Anonymous said...

I don't go there, anyway, so I will continue to not go there to support this cause, friend.


Becky said...


Thanks, Danny. That means a lot to me.


Luke said...

Only if we can add J.Crew and Eddie Bauer to the list. I hates them bastards for their discrimination against the tall.

Becky said...

Sure thing, Luke. I come from a long line of tall people.

The discrimination has got to stop somewhere. Honestly.


Luke said...

Word, homie. Word

Phil said...

Wait, are we talking about Sarah Jessica Parker, or Dee Snyder from Twisted Sister? I get them confused.

Becky said...

Oh, Phil. You think you're so funny.

Did you take that picture off your desktop wallpaper?? Is it a photo COLLAGE of Dee Snyder, Meatloaf, and Nelson??