Monday, November 29, 2004

"Don't it make you smile... when the sun don't shine, it don't shine at all..."

Sometimes I get a little sad that I never have any cool comments on this thing. Then I remember that A) I never comment on anyone else's blogs, so I shouldn't expect anyone else to comment on mine, B) I can count on one hand how many people actually know this webpage exists, and C) I probably need to post something before anyone can comment, supposing anyone wants to.

Really I'm just trying to kill some time before Shakespeare at noon. I had to miss class last Friday because I was traveling to Ball State University with the choir for a performance (a performance that was the single most amazing experience of my life.... some people might think it's sad that a concert consisting of one piece of music, 100 singers, a couple of drums, and one hour of my life is the coolest thing i've ever seen/been a part of.... but screw you, you weren't there :)). Since no one from my class is on my AIM buddy list and I'm not motivated enough to actually call someone or anything, I'm not really sure what Friday's assignment was. Our assignments are very standard and never waiver: the first day that we are assigned a play to read, we get historical notes about the play and the time period in which it was written and takes place. The second day, we read aloud in class excerpts from the play. The third day, we discuss the play, and the fourth day, we have a quiz over it before we start notes for the next one. Technically, today is the fourth day, meaning we're supposed to have a quiz. To be honest, I don't even remember what play we're reading, and, even if I did, I probably wouldn't read it anyway, since I'm not a fan of that Shakespeare stuff. I do, however, read Spark Notes before the class discussion day just to keep up with everyone else (I, of course, did not read SN before Friday's class since I knew I wouldn't be there). But, since I'm not really sure that Garrity will give us a quiz today after a week-long break, I'm not even going to bother to do that (also because I would have to get up, find my book, and locate which play we left off with, all before logging on to Spark Notes).

I love senior year. Seriously.

Well, it's almost time for class, so I'll wrap this up... although, I haven't really said anything, so there's really nothing to wrap up. I did a little writing over break - I wasn't COMPLETELY unproductive, although I only unzipped my homework-stuffed backpack once over the course of the week, and that was only to get my camera. Anyway, I'm sure I'll post again later, because as it goes right now, I don't see homework anywhere in my near future, especially since I hear the girls are throwing darts tonight at Core XI and celebrating Sandra's birthday at midnight.

(For Lindsay: "My name is Phillip. I love to cry.")


justin said...

I know this webpage exists! So do any other readers of Phil's blog, I think. And, I'm from Muncie, glad you enjoyed my hometown. :-P

Frema said...

I'm offended that my sporadic comments aren't considered cool. :)

Phil said...
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Phil said...

(sorry. screwed the last one up.)

Here's a cool comment. The coolest ever.

Last night, at Grandma's Restaurant (the world famous one at the intersection of I-65 and US-114) , I witnessed Becky wet her fingers and slick back her eyebrows, a la Zack Morris.


Becky said...

One time, we couldn't find this one road we needed to be on, so Phil pulled out a map but he was looking at it upside down.

*I* think it's funny because I was there-- normally I wouldn't post that kind of story (one of those "you had to be there" types) here, but it fits in quite nicely because in his comment when he said that he "screwed the last one up"..... he put that Grandma's was located at the intersection of I-65 and US-231.

So THERE. The Zack Morris thing was HILARIOUS and you know it.

P.S. I win. :)