Wednesday, May 07, 2008

week eight: current coworkers (for two more days)*

50/365. Katherine (S.) P. (2005-present)
You were the very best intern I ever could have asked for, and I probably would have quit my job if not for you.

51/365. Angela (K.) D. (2007-present)
I sang at your wedding before I knew you; now you greet me by first and last name. Enjoy your new desk toy!

52/365. Kendra (I.) (2003-present)
I think you're adorable in every way, and I've really loved getting to know you through your hilarious personality. I'll miss singing with you!

53/365. Leslie (H.) (2005-present)
I used to be afraid of you. But I'm glad we got to be friends, and I'm sorry I won't sell you my stuff :)

54/365. Beth G. (2005-present)
I still can't believe we never met as students. After everything you've gone through, I admire your strength more than I can ever express.

55/365. Maureen E. (2003-present)
You may not believe me: I'm so grateful for all your leadership, guidance, and (especially) friendship. Thank you for all you've done for me.

56/365. Melanie C. (2005-present)
When I was an intern, you were the only one from "next door" who always smiled at me. Thanks for making me feel welcome.

*25x365 is posted every Tuesday... except during the month of April since I was too busy, and except for today since it is Wednesday.

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KittyMarie said...

*Sniff* I admire you so much more than you will ever know!