Monday, May 05, 2008

spotted on my way to lunch

A bumper sticker that read:

I Played D&D Before It Was Cool


Is D&D cool now? Did I miss that boat? Do I need to stop tormenting my ex-D&D-fanatic friends? I really wish I would have been notified so I could vote in the Dungeons and Dragons Council of 2008. Recount.


KC said...

It is a sign of the apocalypse when geeks proudly proclaim their love for D&D in public.

What happened to maintaining a pasty-white complexion via hours and hours in cold, dark basements? What happened to troll-like mannerisms - perfected through years of avoiding normal social contact for fear of verbal and physical abuse?

I fear for my life - the nerds have risen!

Frema said...

Was D&D *ever* cool? I don't think so, Bumper Sticker Dude.

Anonymous said...

My brother just did major damage to you with his Axe of Smiting.

Seriously, my brother loves D&D, World of Warcraft, Everquest....anything that guarantees that he won't get laid.

Unless it's by a Night Elf.

Aunt Becky said...

D and D is never, ever cool. Period.

Tim said...

Pfft... You missed the meeting, you get no vote. Turns out the council voted in favor of 1-0 this year to make D&D cool.

I made you a name tent and everything :(

See you in '09?