Sunday, May 04, 2008

she thinks my horse-and-buggy's sexy.

On creating a Web site basically from scratch for the G***** family:

(21:20:12) Phil: once again, compared to what they gave me, i think i should get to have my way with my choice of the G***** family women.
(21:20:21) Me: LOL
(21:20:27) Me: ......are they amish?
(21:20:30) Phil: hahahahaha
(21:20:40) Phil: i don't think so. they just really did the furniture.
(21:20:47) Me: ok. whew!
(21:20:58) Me: it'd be so weird to do it with someone who called you "brother phillip"
(21:21:04) Phil: i'd do a hot amish girl though. maybe i'll buy robyn an amish costume
(21:21:06) Phil: hahahahaha
(21:21:11) Phil: yeah, she couldn't speak
(21:21:16) Me: LOL
(21:21:20) Me: an amish costume. a bonnet?
(21:21:24) Me: and an apron.
(21:21:30) Phil: yeah, and a long dress.
(21:21:32) Phil: and clogs
(21:21:39) Phil: hahahaha
(21:21:44) Phil: SPANKETH ME
(21:21:45) Me: lol! you definitely got me with the clogs.
(21:21:49) Me: lolllllllllll
(21:21:54) Phil: oh wow
(21:21:58) Me: oh MAN that's fucking hilarious.
(21:22:28) Phil: if you put this on your blog, you have to include the robyn part. just so i get to keep my kneecaps.
(21:22:38) Me: lol
(21:22:42) Me: deal.


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MissHum22 said...

You know, you can probably get an Amish chick to do just about anything during "rumspringa". Did you know that they let the boys & girls do an "overnight date" to make sure they're compatible before marriage? I think they're a lot more fun than they'd have us all believe...