Friday, April 11, 2008

advice from a friend and also fridge friday: 4.11

First, Fridge Friday.

(Please disregard those disgusting rust-like markings on the back wall... they won't come off, no matter how hard I scrub.)

I made turkey tacos earlier this week (they were suburb, thanks for asking!), and when I stopped at our lil' grocery store for seasoning, salsa, and chips, I decided that since I would be using ground turkey instead of beef, it would be all right to have some sour cream. See how I rationalize these things? Anyway, I fully intended to get the fat free kind, but that idea went right out the window when I saw that THEY MAKE SOUR CREAM IN A SQUEEZY BOTTLE NOW. Thank you, Dutch Farms, for making all my fattening taco dreams come true. Maybe someday you can see about cramming the fat free version in a squeezy bottle?

By the way, just to the left of this shot? All that wimpy alcohol I wrote about last week. Minus the rest of the chardonnay because I'm a lush and I drank it all. You can see that I wasn't lying about the diet pop for "mixing." Thank goodness for self-deprecatory humor.

OK! On to the friendly advice from a friendly friend! A little background: we were talking about how the town in which I currently live isn't the best place in the world for a young and single person to be looking for the man of her dreams.

Phil: i know you spend a lot of time at your brother's and up north though. so you have a fighting chance. but just don't go trolling the bars in [TOWN].
Me: lol i definitely won't, nor have i ever. thank you for the advice :-)
Phil: hahahaha
Me: although some of those guys at gus' really have the moves.
Phil: any time!
Phil: yeah but they don't have THE TEETH
Me: lolllllllll

Gus' is the hickest hick bar in all the world, and it's true - many patrons who frequent its "dance floor" are missing quite a few teeth. But I guess dem's da breaks when you live in the sticks.


Lone Chatelaine said...

regarding the town, bar, and lack of teeth in the prospects?

I so totally relate.

KC said...

I heart diet squirt

Anonymous said...

Oh man...this conversation brings back images of the old lady getting low at the bar in Angola. :(


Anonymous said...

hahaha....Kel, that lady was HOTTTT.