Friday, April 04, 2008

fridge friday: 4.4

I like alcohol.

I like whiskey, spiced rum, and vodka. Love vodka. I drink all kinds of beer. Some of my favorites are Guinness, Blue Moon, and Sam Adams. I've also been known to enjoy Bud Light, Rolling Rock, and Coors Light. In the summer, you can spot me by my bright green coozy that I've had since my freshman year of college. In the winter, I love to relax with some Southern Comfort and cider. At any old time, I'll mix vodka with anything. I can drink Jager like kool-aid.

So why, then, is this the current alcoholic component of my fridge?

Really, Becky? Are you that pathetic that you're actually buying wine coolers? Well... in short... yes. And, putting shame aside for just a moment, I'll be honest and tell you that they're not even that old - maybe less than two months. As for the Wild Vines... well... since we've already put shame aside, I feel compelled to tell you that juuuuust out of frame in this picture is a two-liter of Diet 7Up. Used for making...... spritzers. Yes, I said it. And diet spritzers, at that. The half-empty Robert Mondavi chard is the only thing redeeming me in this situation... and I'm not even sure it's working as a full-out redemption. Maybe partial, at best.

Whatever you do... please don't tell my family. We're Irish German. I'm honestly afraid of what they'd do to me if they saw such weak products taking up space in my fridge.


KC said...

Please tell me that the wine coolers were for an underage cousin or something! Nooooooo!

Alicia said...

LOL, Becky! You're fantastic!

Anonymous said...

tee hee, at least you haven't graduated to the Economy Size bottles ... or have you ... ;)