Tuesday, March 04, 2008

week two: high school boys*

8/365. Tim S. (1994-2005)
I always liked you more than I should. Best friends, even through separate colleges, now it's just quiet tension... if it's anything at all.

9/365. Jeremy D. (1994-2001)
I liked you after I read your story in 8th grade English. You asked me to our prom; I said no. I was scared.

10/365. Chris M. (1996-2003)
Coolest (and cutest) guy in school - felt so good to really be your friend. I hated when girls used me to get to you.

11/365. Tony K. (1996-2004)
We danced together in show choir; you asked me to your senior prom. I said no before I knew we'd be neighbors in college.

12/365. Doug W. (1998-2001)
Locker buddies, passing notes, shy smiles - fast friends but hated your sister. I always thought you were sweet; now you're pretty much an Adonis.

13/365. Sean M. (1996-present)
Experienced everything new with you. Then you liked my friend, so I had a party... you moved away together, got married, had a baby.

14/365. Chris S. (2000-2005)
Dated my friend. Even though technically I was the third wheel, she didn't know it was really her. I never told... neither did you.

*25x365 is posted every Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

i absolutely love these....but i'd be lying if i said there wasn't some trepidation about what mine will say....

becky said...

Who says you're even going to get one?


MissHum22 said...

I really like these. I don't know any of the people, but they're such cool little vignettes.

maybe one day i'll have the balls to do this....

becky said...

Misshum - You should! It's actually been really fun to sit down and think about all the people I know. I've got about 200 people on my list now... which is much more than I expected to have... and writing one of these a day has been a good exercise in making time for non-work writing. Hop on the wagon :)

Steve said...

Phil -- I have a feeling I know what Becky will say about you . . .

15/365. Phil (1999-present) Bag. of. Douche. :^)

Melanie said...

I find these exceptionally interesting because i DO know who you are talking about ; )