Tuesday, March 11, 2008

time for a quick meme!

I was tagged - my first official tag since I started blogging in '04 - for this book meme by the very cool KC. I don't even remember how I found her blog, but it's one of my favorites to read. And not just because she's in Chicago :)

Directions: Pick up the closest book. Open the book, turn to page 123, count down to the fifth sentence on that page, and then post the next three sentences.

I think I'm going to cheat a little bit. The actual closet book at this moment in time is The Associated Press Stylebook... but since there aren't full sentences - just phrases - on page 123, I'm going to use the book directly underneath it on my desk:

Saint Joseph's College: A Chronology, by Rev. Charles J. Robbins, C.PP.S.

"What could not be expressed in words was the realization that the building, which had at one time practically been the College, and the temporary home for thousands of alumni, was gone. Apart from any sentiment or loss of contents was the fact that the institution had lost 68,000 square feet of space containing faculty and administrative offices, eleven classrooms, and meeting and storage rooms. Fortunately, Xavier Hall was not in use at the time, since the seminarians had vacated it to allow for repairs, they themselves having moved into Schwietermann Hall; the administration at once moved into Xavier."

Reading this book cover to cover was one of the first things I did when I got this job. It's really interesting; it chronicals the history of my alma mater (and place of employment) from its beginnings in 1867 through the year 1989. It was written by an alumnus and a priest who used to teach here.

Fully understanding that most likely none of them will complete this meme, I'm going to tagggggggg.......... Scott Booker, Alli, and Melanie.


KC said...


I obviously enjoy your blog as well. I think I found you by clicking on the comments of some of my other fav reads. I was in a desparate search for a blog to read that was honest, and not about being a Mom (My intro to blogging was Mommy Wants Vodka as she is a good friend of mine). I was drawn in by your Save By The Bell Quiz (Who Doesn't love that show?) and I stayed because of your eloquence.

Thx for showing me that cool, single, kidless people DO write blogs.

becky said...

KC! You're so awesome. I remember that now - I found your site through your comment on my Saved By the Bell thing. I'm always on the lookout for blogs written by single, kidless people, too - I'm glad that I could help you out in your search :) :)

Anonymous said...


I wanted to say that the jealousy I'm feeling right now in not being tagged *almost* convinced me to start blogging again. Maybe a handful of posts about how your old favorite blog is no longer in operation, and how you miss it so, would convince me to start again.

Then again, maybe I'm just an attention ho, and I won't ever start again. Hard to say.....

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