Thursday, January 24, 2008

my friends call me "the merc."

I was listening to the news over the dull roar of my hair dryer this morning, and I only caught the tail end of the report: "...the fire on the fifth floor of the Chicago Board of Trade."

I was just at the Chicago Board of Trade last night... and our event took place on the 5th floor.

My internet at home was out this morning (stupid cable), so I rushed into the office to visit the Tribune's website. Thank goodness the fire was in an area restricted to us last night.,0,5623802.story

That place, by the way, is incredible. Trading had ended by the time we got there, but our reception area was overlooking the pit, and it truly was awesome. I would love to go back sometime while the market is open - I even learned the hand signals for bid and offer and that certain traders get to wear hilarious jackets to set them apart from the others. I think I'm ready to invest, no?

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