Wednesday, January 23, 2008

american idol - san diego

Tonight was good. Definitely good.

AI: San Diego (1/22/08)

  • Tatiana - Eh. I agreed with Simon in saying that she's not as good as she thinks she is. She did have impeccable taste in song choice, though - "Someone to Watch Over Me" is my song. I do it better, though ;) PASS.

  • Perrie - Could have walked right onto stage with Boyz to Men and no one would have ever known the difference. Forgive me for being crude here... but I had to change my underwear and wipe my seat as soon as he opened his mouth. I'll say it again: I love me some black men. His son was adorable - that ponytail! And "whaddup, Randy"... and when he just said "okay" when Ryan told him his daddy ("Papa") was going to Hollywood. *sigh, swoon* PASS.
  • Michael - What a great, soulful voice. Nice accent... the girls will love him. A little like Sanjaya except Michael has talent. So... really nothing like Sanjaya. Great song choice - Otis Redding's "Loving You Too Long." PASS.

  • Valerie - Oh maaaan, this girl had me cracking up. I knew as soon as she said she'd never be and American Idol reject that she most definitely would. I've never liked Mariah Carey that much... but I'd take her any day over Valerie "Oh-No-Now-I'm-Gonna-Be-On-the-Rejects!!!" Wannabe. NO PASS.

  • Christopher - Sang "I Believe the Children are Our Future." Atrocious. After the lyric "Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be," Simon said "There's not a single child laughing at that." Wrong-o! This child was cracking up. NO PASS.

  • Samantha - I loved her. She sang Aretha's "Till You Come Back to Me," and she had such a gorgeous, natural voice. Completely unforced. She might be my favorite girl so far. She and Perrie should get together and have some beautiful, vocal-prodigy children. PASS.

  • Blake - I didn't think he was nearly as bad as the judges evidently did. In fact, I thought he had a pretty good voice, and I probably would have put him through to Hollywood. PASS.

  • Alberto - The guy with the big fan because he's a big American Idol fan. HAH! Alberto was - hands down - the strangest person I've ever laid eyes on... HE HAD FLOWERS IN HIS TOES, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. I wish I could ask him for crack-nail growing tips for my resolution. It did make me smile, though, to realize that I don't have the frizziest hair in the world. On the other hand... I did feel really badly when he cried and talked about how Simon just refused to listen to him. NO PASS.

  • David - Another youngster, but I liked his voice. Great song choice - John Mayer's "Waiting on the World To Change" - made even better by Randy's half-hearted backup. I had to stifle my laughter every time he threw a "waiting!" in between each chorus line. I thought David had an interesting and inspiring story, and he seemed like a genuine guy. PASS.

  • Carly - The Irish girl who made it to Hollywood in Season 5 but had Visa problems and was disqualified. A really awful story. I loved her husband - I thought his modest and fear of public opinion regarding his tattoos was endearing. Carly's voice brought tears to my eyes. I really, really, really loved her. She and Samantha are gonna have to duke it out to win my Favorite Girl of San Diego.


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