Thursday, January 17, 2008

american idol - dallas

I have to say that I was much less enthused with the Dallas auditions. Maybe Philly set the bar too high... maybe I just had a bad day and not even the crazy story about the dude and his dad with the "key" to his heart could cheer me up. But wow - that story was kinda bonkers, huh.

AI: Dallas (1/16/08)

  • Alaina - I thought she had a pretty nice voice, but it was a little weak sounding. Breathy, to use a Paula-ism. I don't always like the young kids - 16, 17 - that try out... and although I do think Alaina had a nice voice, I hope she can overcome her young age. PASS.

  • Pia - I really, really liked her. She sang an awesome Gladys Knight song, and her voice was deep and soulful. I hope she can stay in it for a while. She has a cool image - kind of edgy and interesting. PASS.

  • Brandon - I was completely ready to dismiss this cutie after he started talking about his fingernail collection he's been peeling since high school, AND THEN ACTUALLY PULLED A ZIPLOC BAG FULL OF THEM OUT OF HIS POCKET. I'm glad I stuck with it, though - he had a pretty good voice. I'm not sure if he has what it takes to make it very far... but I definitely liked him. PASS.

  • Kady - I really didn't like her at first. I thought her Britney impression was awesome, though - she sounded just like her. I found myself getting really annoyed with her really quickly... until the judges finally got her to sing like herself. She's pretty damn good. She sang a beautiful rendition of "Unchained Melody"... I only wish they would have let her go a little further. They stopped her before she hit the best note. PASS.

  • Drew - A downhome country boy. He was adorable, and he sang very well. Let's make out! PASS.

Like I said, Dallas just didn't do it for me. There wasn't as much talent or even as much funny/horrendous auditions. Man, I hope this isn't a trend!

The guy in the cape and the feather hat definitely deserves his own paragraph, though. He was so hilarious, I swear that I almost peed myself laughing so hard. I was a little mad that the judges were teasing him so badly... but when he just. kept. going., I couldn't help myself. Simon predicted that the Brother song would be on the radio before anyone knew it... and I couldn't agree more. This dude and William Hung are soulmates. I loved you and your song about Simon, cape and feather hat dude!

ALSO! They didn't show the audition save for a few seconds before a commercial, but I CANNOT BELIEVE that two people sang a song from Rigoletto!! I thought only two people in the universe had even heard of "The Love Within Myself"... and I was one of them... and there were two people singing in that audition... so I guess I was wrong! They butchered it, but I love that song - and I was totally happy to hear it.


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