Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Thanks, Steve!

pjwshlst (2:28:10 PM): we did - we saw "zodiac" and had dinner at chili's.
pjwshlst (2:29:00 PM): the movie was good - it was creepy. i had read the book years ago, and it was better, of course, but i really liked the movie.
st3v3 brady (2:29:20 PM): you know what I liked about the movie? No reading
pjwshlst (2:29:39 PM): well maybe someday you'll be as big a nerd as i am and you'll like reading better.
st3v3 brady (2:30:42 PM): If I watched star trek 24-7 and did calculus for fun for a month I still wouldn't be close to as big a nerd as you are.
st3v3 brady (2:30:46 PM): no offense. :^)

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