Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Cogito Ergo Sum

Three posts in one day will no doubt be a record for me... but as I was looking over notes from class today, I came across something that I think everyone should see. (Yes... I wrote this down in my my notes. You'll see why.)

While discussing Descartes in epistemology today, Bro. Rob rapped for us. Yes, that's right. Philosophy might be boring at times, but where the subject matter lacks, the scholars get creative. Here it is, for your reading pleasure:

"The philosopher said to Aquinas,
'That's whack, yo--
we need a new epistemo.'
Then Descartes said,
'Been 'n done dat, g--
I laid it down 'n my meditations, ya see.'"

Ladies and gentlemen, Brother Rob Reuter, C.PP.S. :)

I guess you have to rely on your phantasms in order to really get this ("By reading this, I am appeared to funnily and ironically"). You also have to understand that a good sense of humor is a necessary condition for a philosophy student.

Oh... and you have to be able to accept that there is no answer to the question "How do we know Beyonce is, in fact, bootlicious?"

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