Friday, May 30, 2008

i MISS you guys!!

Hey! Remember me? Man, do I miss blogging. My new job is great, but I don't have any free time during the day like I used to at Saint Joe. I guess I can admit that I used to blog from my office all the time, now that I don't work there anymore :) Anyway, I've got a big weekend of bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, and UHauls ahead of me - guess what I'm doing?! - but I promise that as soon as that's all behind me, I'll get back to regular posting.

Here are some things to look forward to should you choose to keep the faith:

- The rocking-ness of the Local H concert last weekend.
- My lukewarm feelings and subsequent confusion at said feelings about the new Sex and the City movie.
- Musings about moving back home with my parents in my mid-twenties.
- Sitting in an hour and a half of traffic every morning to get to work versus my former three-minute commute to Saint Joe.
- And, of course, the awesome-ness of my new job.

Hey, real quick - what do you guys consider an acceptable and appropriate age difference between a couple? For example... I'm 25. How much older/younger is my date allowed to be?


Sis B said...

Ten years up, 2 years down. The years down will increase as you get older, but really, 22 year old boys are still just boys who generally don't know what they want or who they want to be.

Never, EVER, more than ten years up.

Trust me. :)

KC said...

You are ALIVE!!! Yay!!

...and I agree with sis b. You never want to date someone closer to your parents age than your own. However, I would strongly caution against younger men. Their cute boyish charm becomes annoying boyish immaturity before you know it.

Welcome back, friend. You have been missed.

Frema said...

I don't know. Have you heard Liz Phair's song, "Rock Me?" That's a pretty good reason to date a younger guy.

Personally, if I were 25, I don't think I would have gone out with anyone who was still in college, just because our worlds would have been completely different. Then again, thank God Luke didn't follow that rule. He met me in the last half of my junior year.

As for older? Again, at 25, I think anything older than early thirties is too old. And again, when I was 25, Luke was 32. Thus, my reasoning. :)

MissHum22 said...

It really depends on the maturity and direction of both parties - sis b I think is pretty right-on, but so is frema. Be careful w/ younger guys because they're dumb, but if you go older than 35, you'll be with someone who is set in their ways, wanting to settle down or possibly keeping their wife a secret! ;)

Your life is just getting started, so tread carefully with anyone that might tie you down at a point where you need to explore.

Good Luck! We miss you!

Anonymous said...

Like I told you yesterday, one date can't hurt. Since he is younger than you, and it's obviously weighing on your mind, it's foolish of me to say something like "don't even worry about the age!!!"....but seriously, go out with him once, twice, maybe more....then decide. Everyone above is correct...younger guys are dumb and hit the bars way too much. But not everyone ceases to be dumb when they hit 30.

Give it a chance, then decide. You never know, you might find a diamond in the rough.

Aunt Becky said...

I'm with Sis B. I'm more relaxed about the up number than the down one, tho.

Tim said...

Psh, at 21 I resent your fellow readers comments. Am I immature?!?

No, but seriously. I think you should date whoever the hell you want. There are plenty of stories of people finding the right person with larger age gaps then that, regardless of sex.

If you don't try, you simply never know. If it doesn't work, you move on and get over it. Better a month of trouble then a life of what ifs in my opinion.

Alicia said...

Date the kid! It'll be fun.
What's the worst that can happen? You don't get along? Ok, so then you say bye bye, kid. No harm done.

Thank goodness you're back.
I was going through terrible becky-withdrawals

Anonymous said...

BTW - you haven't seen me in a few weeks...I'm currently sporting a sweet 'stache, similar to the bass player in Lions. only thicker.

Anonymous said...

Becky come back! I miss you!!


Melanie said...

Pandora sidebar info!!!!

yay I found it for you my dear