Friday, February 29, 2008

I'LL BE IN THE SAME ROOM AS BEN FOLDS IN 3.5 HOURS... oh, and fridge friday 2.29

That's right. Today I'm knocking out one of my top five on my Concert Wishlist: Ben Folds. In junior high, I listened to my copy of "Whatever and Ever Amen" so many times that certain tracks now skip, and I've had to buy a new one. "Still Fighting It" has helped me through so many tough times; "Gracie" has made me want a zillion babies for 2 minutes and 37 seconds at a time; "One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces" has made me laugh through all the shit that mean bitches used to give me. "Song for the Dumped" helped me get over every break up I had in high school, and "Best Imitation of Myself" scored me an A on an English project in college. Ben's been there through pretty much every step of my adolescent and adult lives, and now we get to sit mere feet from each other and breathe the same air for a couple hours. The anticipation has been sexy as hell. Hott.

The excitement, coupled with the fact that I worked through lunch so I could guiltlessly take off early today for the concert... means that I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the fridge for today. I'm sure you're crushed. Instead, I'll tell you about how many carrots I currently have on my shelves. I have two huge bags of pre-cut, pre-washed baby carrots for snacking. I have one small-ish bag of regular carrots to use in the beef vegetable soup I plan to make this weekend. I have one small-ish bag of organic carrots because I was curious what they tasted like. (I've never eaten organic veggies before, but I'd possibly like to start.) I have one quart-sized Ziploc bag full of cut carrot sticks leftover from a veggie tray I made for a party last weekend. I think tomorrow I'll make a big batch of dill dip and just munch on carrots all day long. Fun, huh? The unpredictable life of a 25-year-old. And I'm single, too! Bet you didn't guess that!

I have one more thing I want to get done before I leave in the next half hour or so. It's been hard to accomplish anything today at work because - did you hear? - I'M SEEING BEN FOLDS TONIGHT.

I love you all! Talk to you when I'm a changed woman!


Scott Booker said...

I feel so horrible....never heard of Ben Folds...will have to check it out.

But I am happy for you...and hope you enjoy yourself.

Alicia said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! You need to tell us EVERYTHING about it when you get back!

And also, I'm devastated about not seeing the picture of your fridge.

KC said...

Was it awesome?

Becky said...

I love carrots. And how was the concert?

Frema said...

Luke will be jealous when I tell him about your Ben Folds experience. Where was the concert?

becky said...

Scott - Thanks! It was an awesome experience.

Alicia - lol I hope that the weekend helped you get over the letdown of not seeing my fridge. Ben was adorable :)

KC - YES YES YES YES YES. Awesome doesn't even cut it, to be honest.

Becky - Me too! I'd be sad if I had all those carrots and I didn't like them. I didn't really care for the organic ones, though... they had a weird aftertaste - maybe a little nutty or something?

Frema - It was at Purdue. I can give Luke the skinny on everything! You might want to check... Ben might be playing at a university down by you guys. I don't know where he's going next, but I know this tour is focusing on the midwest, so it might be worth a shot. Tickets were cheap.