Monday, November 20, 2006

Involved For Life... even back then.

This morning at work I had to go through some old SJC yearbooks to find a picture for a story I'm working on. I love when I have the opportunity to peruse our "back room" - it's filled with all kinds of neat memoribillia. It's so easy to imagine what Saint Joe was like during its infant years when you're standing amongst a wall full of yearbooks, student senate documents, framed photos of old presidents, and an ancient typewriter covered in yellowing plastic.

The books from 1960-1975 are my favorites. Influences of Woodstock, Vietnam, peace rallies, and JFK resonate throughout their pages in the students' attire, hairstyles, actions, club involvement, passion, and chosen quotations. Especially chosen quotations.

I came across one that made tears well up in my eyes (big surprise, huh?). It made all my work-related stress seem obsolete and gave me a chance to remember what Saint Joe was to me before it simply was my place of employment.

The majority of my vast audience (read: three people) are SJC alumni or have close enough ties to the College to be considered alumni on some level, so I thought I'd copy the quote on here for everyone to enjoy.

"Wonder if we'll be back in ten years. Maybe Saint Joe will remain untouched, only repainted with new blues and greens. Maybe we'll come back, a few of us, on different days, making each one special, even though we may be alone out in a field near Schwietermann. We know we don't have to be invited and maybe each one of us will try to find a little time, a little more time to come back... if only to revisit what we once knew to be ours."


annie said...

okay. i cried too.
sap? maybe.
but most people would be so jealous if they really understood what exactly we once knew to be ours.
thanks, bec.

Jacob said...

That is a good quote... its funny how big a part of your life such a small place can become!

Frema said...

The relationship I have with Saint Joe has evolved so much since I started school as a freshman. I love it more as an ex-employee than I ever did as a student.