Friday, August 04, 2006

"Built for Speed, Comfort, and the Free-Spirit In All of Us!"

Thanks to a tip from my friendly computer geek, I rarely open e-mails from senders whose names I don't recognize. By mistake, however, I opened my first e-mail from my old pal "Marketing Department" last October, and my life hasn't been the same since.

Since then, I've received three e-mails from "Marketing Department," each more hilarious than the one before it. They're trying to get the word out about their new product... Commando Jeans. Commando Jeans are exactly what you think they are. Here's an explanatory excerpt from their first press release:

After years of lounging around the house in boxers for comfort, we wanted to go out…and have that same comfort everywhere we went. And, if you’ve ever pulled jeans on with boxers, you know that you have to reach down and smooth down the boxers to lay inside. So, we got into the habit of not wearing underwear. And liked it! But denim is not the softest material. And, like most pants, you have the rough seams on the inside. But why not have the best of both worlds? We took a pair of our favorite jeans to a tailor and asked them to sew a pair of boxers inside. After a brief puzzled look, they said, “hum, not a bad idea."

Hilarious, no? I have no idea how I landed on this mailing list, but it's seriously one of the best things that's ever accidently happened to me. And the company's growing, too - in January, they added extended sizes! And in early July, they released a button-fly version of the Commando Jean with this headline on the press release: Sacrificing Some Speed for Safety and Style!

I swear, the sky's the limit for this company. If I had any expendable income, I just might throw a little cash their way. Just take a look at these customer testimonials:

"What a great idea!"
"You rock!"
"What are the investment opportunities with this new product?"

My favorite part of the whole gig, though, is the way "Marketing Department" signs their e-mails:

Hang Loose,
Marketing Department

I know I already linked to their Web site earlier in this post, but I think I'll do it again. I hope that everyone will go check out their site... and not only for a good laugh, but also in brief appreciation of people going after their dreams and peddling products that surely began as a joke after too many beers in a local pub.

So, "Marketing Department," I salute you. For without your cunning approach to casual wear, I wouldn't be sporting this picture on my corkboard:

One more time for the cheap seats in the back:

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