Wednesday, March 01, 2006

After a while, Time catches up with you and slaps you across the face.

Until this morning, I thought I still had plenty of time to write the New Year's resolution post I've had in mind for over two months. That was until I got to work, looked at my calendar, and saw that today is the beginning of Lent. A little late to bring New Year's back into the picture, if you ask me.

Then, later, making lunch plans with a coworker, the idea of Lent pushed its way back into the forefront of my mind: no meat. Fine - I've done the no-meat thing in the past, I can do it again, no problem. I decided to make the next 40 days meat-free in observance of the religion I haven't been so good about observing lately.

By 12:15, I was sitting in my favorite Rensselaer restaurant with the menu spread open in front of me, even though I knew I'd get the same thing I got every time: a Club sandwich. This particular establishment has the best Club sandwich I've ever had. There's nothing special about it - it's just the best. Said best Club sandwich contains turkey and bacon... a problem that didn't dawn on me until I returned to my office and, once again, glanced at my calendar and saw the words "Ash Wednesday" highlighted at the top of the March 1 box. Uh oh.

Way to enjoy your favorite meal to kick off what was supposed to be a time of suffering, Becky.

Now, I'm not so conservative in my beliefs that I think I've secured myself a warmer place in hell from eating meat today. In fact, I've only observed the no-meat rule a handful of times in my life, and only then to prove to myself that I could do it. I believe in forgiveness and personal repentance, and I believe I will be forgiven for choosing to eat meat. (Even though, this time, it was less of a personal choice than it was a stupid oversight.) I am upset with myself, though, for ruining it so early in the game - the game has barely even started yet, and I've already been benched.

What really bothers me the most is that I forgot. Twice. It took a black and white box on a desk calendar with a meaningless date printed at the top to make the lightbulb go off in my apparently absent mind. Twice.

Shopping list addition:
- Ginkgo Biloba


Phil said...

I would have made the same mistake that you made, had a co-worker not come back from lunch with a giant ashy cross on his forehead.

I'm deciding to go with the 40 Days Of No Meat as well. As you know, I've done it twice in the past, and while it *should* get easier each time, I have a feeling that this time will be hard as hell.

I'm not doing this because of Catholic Lent. Over the past year, I think of myself as less and less a Roman Catholic. And while that probably upsets my mom, she'll just have to live. Rather, I'm doing this for 2 reasons: (1) to see if I can. I've done it twice, but lately I've been giving in to bodily cravings way too much. Can I right the wrongs? Also, (2) I feel so much more healthy doing this. The last time, two years ago, I went for longer than 40 days. I don't recall why I quit, but I'm sure it had something to do with a woman :)


Becky said...

I'm just glad you've wised up since last year and realized how detrimental it would be to tackle the No Alcohol Lenten Promise again.

That was rough for all of us.

I do remember you extending the no-meat policy even after Lent had ended two years ago. I don't remember why you quit, either... but I think it probably had more to do with a late night trip to Grandma's than a women. Well.... Grandma *is* a woman..... so I guess you're right. Shit.


PS - Word Verification: "jokos"

Annie said...

Remember when you used to make me peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...??? Okay, okay - it has little to do with the post considering the pb&j and 201 ran freely throughout the student teaching experience and not just during the lenten part -- but it just made me think of that.

Good post -- with a kicker ending.

Becky said...

Annie, how could I ever forget that? And that one time that I put too much jelly on it... and I think I wrote your name on the bag once with a little heart around it.... aww... I really miss making your lunch :)

Can't wait to see you Monday!!!

Melanie said...

I heard even Jesus eats club sandwhiches.

Tim said...

Way to enjoy your favorite meal to kick off what was supposed to be a time of suffering, Becky.

LOL. Nice.