Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Blogging From the Proverbial Road

I just got out of my second Science Writing class at DePaul - I'm sitting in the Student Union building in the middle of the food court area. There is a guy sitting next to me shroud in a cloud of pot smoke.

I know it's probably too soon to tell - and I very well may be jinxing myself by writing this so early in the game - but I absolutely love this class. It's such an interesting approach to what I used to find a very intimidating subject matter. What we've read so far (which has been a lot - this guy is a fan of assigning a whole bunch of readings) has been fabulous, and I've learned so much already.

One of the books we read for this week was written by James Watson - one of the scientists instrumental in "discovering" DNA. Everything else aside, I loved this book - it's one of the best I've ever read. When we were discussing it tonight in class, someone mentioned that all the characters seemed like they came right out of a casting room - there was the beautiful but catty woman, the drunkard, the meanie, etc.

I looked around the room, and realized her point was true for the members of our class, as well. Situated in a circle around what is without a doubt the warmest classroom in the history of the universe sat The Bitch, Tall-Dark-and-Handsome, The Fiesty Sis-tah, The Geek, The Girl I Want to Befriend, The Suck-Up, Abercrombie, The Philosopher, Backwards-Cubs-Hat-Guy, The Nicest-Woman-In-The-Universe, and me - the girl who's praying she won't be called on.

Only it doesn't really feel like that anymore. I actually raised my hand more times than Professor Anton would call on me. I've never done that before.

Things are definitely looking up for this quarter at DePaul. Thanks to everyone who sent me kind words after my last whiney post about the program. I really appreciate everyone's support :)

Here are some highlights from Anton in tonight's class:

"It was delicious!" - his thoughts on Watson's book
"In here, you can celebrate the dungbeetle." - things science writers are allowed to do that other writers aren't
"I love Nyquil!" - not really sure why he said this, but I was cracking up nonetheless
"It's nothing but swash-buckling." I have no idea what this means, but that has just become my new favorite descriptive term

For the first time in a long time, I'm actually looking forward to starting my homework on the train home tonight.


Frema said...

I had a Tall-Dark-and-Handsome and The Girl I Want To Befriend, too. I wonder if they're the same!

Luke said...

Well, that's good news, especially since you were debating whether or not to carry on with the program. I am glad things are perking up for you.

And, oh yeah, banana.

Suldog said...

Cruised over from Magazine Man, and read your profile. Someone else who loves "Flowers For Algernon"! One of the most beautiful and sad stories ever written.

Becky said...

Frema! Tall-Dark-and-Handsome's name is Linc.... and Girl-I-Want-to-Befriend is Jessie.

In Rhetoric last term, I sat next to a girl named Lilly who knew you. She was awesome, but dropped the class after a few weeks. I should have followed suite ;)

Suldog - Thanks for heading my way! So happy to have another "Flowers for Algernon" devotee.

Capt. D said...

Arrrr! "Swashbuckling" be one word with no hyphen, matey! 'N' it means to be daring and adventuous, any bucaneer knows that!

Melanie said...

Your blog is my favorite.

Phil said...

Hey Capt. D....any "bucaneer" also knows that two 'c's go in that word. Holla!

Becky, until you added yourself to the end of that list of people in your classroom, I was convinced that you were "The Fiesty Sis-tah".

My verification word is "aeylfn". Oh, Dungeons and Dragons....

Capt. D said...

Arrrr, pirates aren't known for their spelling, matey.

Anonymous said...

WHEW! This post is so old it is starting to smell bad.

Melanie said...

I agree with anonymous. BECKY WE NEED MORE FREQUENT BLOGS!