Wednesday, December 14, 2005

49 Things About Yours Truly

Caption: Dr. Malone gave me the stuffed lion a few years ago because I won a drawing contest in his class. (We were reading Plato's Republic and had to draw a picture of the soul as it was described in the book - "courage" was a lion, and so was the prize for the best drawing.) Steve picked the pine branch from the tree in front of our office. It's sitting in a Mountain Berry-scented candle.

7 things you plan to do before you die

1. Visit Ireland
2. See Elton John live
3. Get married / start a family
4. Write a book
5. Get over my fear of heights
6. Live in a different country for a short time (or maybe just a different state)
7. Go on one of those "Ten European cities in five days" trips

7 things you can do
1. Wiggle my ears
2. Make people laugh
3. Sleep for fourteen hours and still wake up tired
4. Drink two entire bottles of champagne in one sitting (I threw up afterwards, of course)
5. Relate any life event to a Sex and the City episode
6. Write a magazine (for proof, go here!)
7. Watch an eight-hour Law and Order marathon without moving an inch

7 things you cannot do
1. Whistle with two fingers
2. Trigonometry
3. Shots of whiskey without getting sick
4. Ride in a car without singing along to the radio
5. Finish Pride and Prejudice
6. Feel comfortable walking into a party alone / sitting in a bar or restaurant alone
7. Read in a car without getting sick

7 things you never thought you'd do
1. Go to school / work with a hickey and not try to cover it up
2. Fail a class
3. Say the f-word in front of my grandma
4. Cry on the El
5. Almost halfway enjoy living alone
6. Get over my first boyfriend
7. Meet someone who has less self-confidence than I do

7 things that attract you to other people
1. Sense of humor / sarcasm
2. Kindness
3. Quiet intelligence
4. Long, curly, or red hair (all three? MARRY ME.)
5. Devotion / loyalty
6. Nice teeth
7. Family-oriented

7 things that you say most often
1. "You don't even understand."
2. "Holla!"
3. " [Blank] is the most/biggest [blank] in the history of the universe."
4. "Seriously.... I hate you."
5. "Bitches need to be slapped." / "Hoes need to be slapped."
6. "I'm not even gonna lie."
7. "WTF?"

7 celebrity crushes
1. Billy Collins
2. Tom Hanks
3. Brad Pitt
4. Dave Matthews
5. Eddie Vedder
6. Sarah Jessica Parker
7. Will Ferrell


Frema said...

OK, this is a very fun entry, but your readers will not tolerate another meme thingy posted for over two months before you blog again, so be warned!

Also, I heart Pride and Prejudice, so I hope you're able to overcome that one someday.

Becky said...

lol, Frema - don't worry about it. It won't happen again.

I honestly hate to say this... but I think I might just wait for the P&P movie to come out and be satisfied with that. The plot of the book intrigued me, but I couldn't get past the language. I have that problem a lot... I never finished Frankenstein or Lady Chatterley's Lover for the same reason.

Some English major I made... good thing I had the Creative Writing portion of the degree to fall back on ;)

Frema said...

And I loved Frankenstein, too! I guess I'm a sucker for Victorian/18th century literature.

Molly said...

You read Lady Chatterley's Lover for the language? Two books not to read are As I Lay Dying and Grapes of Wrath, which are quite tedious.

Luke said...

SJP does have long, curly hair. If only it were red, then she'd likely be the gal of your dreams.

Frema said...

Becky, we're losing you again...