Sunday, September 11, 2005

Something from the weekend.

Obviously I've abandoned my work for the rest of the night.

Yes. Brandy's shirt most definitely says "CAN'T TOUCH THIS!!!" and she really is donning a side ponytail. Those are neon green hand prints and a neon orange thumb print; the shirt was a gift from her grandmother when she was in the fifth grade.

The shirt is currently hanging from a light switch in my living room, awaiting its soon-to-be home on the back of the door, covering the weird, diamond-shaped window. Clark (my neighbor, also pictured) has a green Prairie State shirt covering his weird, diamond window, so Brandy felt it was her duty to up the ante for my apartment. I'd say she succeeded.


Anonymous said...

you know what.....Stanley Kirk Burrell, known to his fans as "MC Hammer" inspired millions with his fanastic lyrics......"My, my, my music hits me so hard
Makes me say 'Oh my Lord'
Thank you for blessing me
With a mind to rhyme and two hype feet..." Two hype just can't get that anymore can you? FOR RIZZLE!

Becky said...


Thanks for representin', Anon.

(next time you can use your name, Brandy.)

Luke said...


Frema said...

Whole wheat.