Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Just Taking a Little Break

10 years ago: I was making the big move from Jane Ball Elementary School to Hanover Central Jr.-Sr. High School. 6th Grade was a big year for me: I got my first A in history class; I was Vice President of the Junior High Environmental Club; I met Gretchen and Lindsay and quickly decided we'd always be BFFs; I first thought about becoming a writer, thanks to Mrs. Boton, the scariest English teacher of all time.

5 years ago: I was entering my senior year of high school, and my hopes were sky high. Lindsay, Tim, Sean, and I were inseparable, and life was good. Grandpa died suddenly and I was thrown into experiencing my first family member's funeral. In AP English, I made up my mind: I would write books someday. I had no idea where I wanted to go to school, if I even wanted to go to school, and - if I did - how I would convince my parents that the subject of psychology was one worth majoring in. But it didn't matter... I was at the top of the social class of Hanover Central... and that was very important back then.

1 year ago: I was depressed. I was preparing for my senior year of college and should have been ecstatic, but I missed my friends. Bridget, Annie, Jen, Money, and Ligda had all just graduated, and I was not looking forward to spending nine months in Rensselaer without them. I had writer's block for four months.

1 month ago: I was nervous and excited about maid-of-honoring in Kelli and Chuck's wedding. I also attended three wakes and one funeral in the span of three days. I was in the process of moving from my campus apartment into my new apartment.

Yesterday: Finally finished a feature story for work that I had been stuck on for over a week. Sent it out for proofing and received nothing but compliments. Had an excellent time at the Pub with people I haven't seen in forever. It was a great day.

Today: Accomplished a lot of little things this morning that I had been putting off. Crossed off every item except one on my nine-item To Do List. Plan to run to WalMart and the grocery store after work, call my mom, and go to bed early.

Tomorrow: "Kiss Me, Kate!" opening night, but I think I'll go see it Friday, instead. If I get some sleep tonight, I plan to stay late in my office tomorrow and get some things done that I won't want to do on Friday.

1 month from now: Will be preparing for the students to come back to campus... trying to deal with not being one of those returning students myself. Working on putting together my first issue of Contact and helping move my brother into his dorm at Purdue.

1 year from now: Will have completed my first year of grad school and possibly will be taking summer classes. Maybe will be in the Carnegie Players' summer musical... supposing I'm not in Florida again during auditions.

5 years from now: Will have graduated from DePaul and possibly will be searching for a new place to live... one that will allow me to have a German Shepherd who will be called Holden and a Brittany Spaniel who will be called Opie. Will be extremely proud while watching my brother graduate from Purdue's Pharmacy School. Most likely will be crying. Hopefully will have established big-wig publishing connections... and, yes, hopefully will have met a wonderful man.

10 years from now: Will have finished novel. This is non-negotiable. With any luck, will be married with one child and Holden and Opie. Will have porch with wooden swing. Will hit up rich pharmacist brother for cash regularly.


Frema said...

Ah, Contact. My pre-pee days. Miss them sometimes.

Luke said...

When in there are you going to call someone to rid your apartment's closets of all the restless spirits. Also, he never included any plans to go to the county fair. Only two more nights, and you don't want to miss out on your chance to step in something, do you?

Luke said...

Oops. Not "he." Sorry about that. I know you are a "she," and that should've been a "you" anyway.

But now there's only one more fair night. Then it's gone for a whole year. Like Brigadoon or something.

Becky said...

luke... i'm just waiting for the ouija board to come in the mail, then i'm having a seance to rid the closet of the spirits that dwell within. wanna come? it's gonna be super cool.

as for the county fair... i really don't think i need to go. as long as you keep emailing me pictures of what i could be stepping in, i honestly feel like i'm already there. thanks a million for keeping me in your thoughts as you photograph cow poop!

Frema said...

I think your break has gone on long enough.

Roger Stevens said...

Hey, get started on the novel now! You know you've got to write a couple of duds before you write the big best seller. You might as well get started!