Friday, July 08, 2005

It's hard to find people who will love you no matter what.

I found three of them.

It seems that all I can think about today is going home (and by "home," I mean Apartment 201 two years ago), changing into our "Serious About Success" sweatpants, grabbing a blanket, and putting on some Sex and the City.

I miss how Jen used to swoon over the fashion-savvy purses and shoes... and how Annie always seemed to find a smart, real-world connection to each event... and how Bridget's ears perked up everytime the girls talked about sex.

Mostly, I just miss my girls.


Luke said...

Truly, that must make it all the more difficult to live all alone in an spooky apartment with haunted closets.

Becky said...

Contrary to what a certain friend said... the apartment is neither spooky nor haunted.

The fate of the staircase remains to be seen, however... the light has been doing this freaky flickering thing lately. It flickers until you walk closer to it... then it stops. But if you try to walk away, it flickers again.

*spooky Halloween music*

Roger Stevens said...

You've got haunted closets?

You must have close friend now, though. Don't you?

Roger Stevens said...

My last comment should have said - close friends now.

I did a Billy Collins search. You probably know this - but for anyone who doesn't - when you click on names in your profile it brings up people who have also have that name on their profile. Which is why it's good to put specific things there.

And I'm a big fan of Billy.

And please you dropped by.

Anonymous said...

Although this is probably misuse of the word love, I love the name of your blog, love your thoughts on love in this post and in post about "Do Not Seek a Happy Marriage."

Becky said...

Thanks, Anon :)

I can't take credit for the name of my blog, though... it's a line from a song. I think it's a pretty great line, though, and I'm glad you agree.

Thanks for reading!!

Loves it! Jen said...

Love you becks and I miss you too :)

When can I come and see you and play the Ouija board in this supposedly haunted apartment?? :)