Monday, February 07, 2005

"All of our life, so far as it has definite form, is but a mass of habits."

I've been watching a lot of TV lately. When I was a kid, I used to watch a lot of TV, but as I got older, my nasty habit began to taper and almost became nonexistant. Until this year.

It's weird how controlling some television shows are. 24 and the OC are my vices of late (since SatC is over and I refuse to watch the TBS watered-down version).

Tonight I was working in the newspaper office on something with a rather pressing deadline, but I didn't think twice when 7:45 rolled around-- 15 minutes to get back to my apartment, change out of rain-soaked clothes, and drool while transfixed over Jack Bauer for sixty minutes. Luckily, I finished my work at 7:42... but, nonetheless. Before the start of the new season, I was under the impression that 24 would start at 7 rather than 8. Immediately I panicked, as I work in the Writing Clinic on Monday nights until 8. I begged my roommate Sandra to permanently switch shifts with me... my excuse was that I didn't want to miss 24. Pathetic, huh? At least she was happy to oblige.

As for the OC... every Thursday, I kick myself for every previous episode I missed because I was too busy making fun of my friends who told me to watch. Stereotypical California mentalilty judgments aside... it *really is* a good show. As I work Thursday nights until 8 in the silly Writing Clinic, I think I'm more and more going to find myself bribing one of my roommates to tape it for me.

Anyway... the point is... what's happening to me?! It seems like every week, starting on Monday, I'm just "living for the weekend"... I've never experienced that feeling before. It's weird. The only things I look forward to during the week are 24 and the OC. And by the time the OC gets here, it's already the weekend... well, Thursdays count as the weekend for another few months, anyway. God... really, I make myself sick sometimes.

The question you need to ask yourself now is....

What Would Jack Bauer Do???

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Frema said...

You know, Sex and the City on TBS isn't as "watered down" as you might think. I've watched every episode, and I also watched the first season on DVD, and the only difference is less cussing and boobage. Not that you need to add more TV to your list; I'm just saying.