Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A few reasons why I (sometimes) hate having curly hair:

I can never just hop in the shower, comb my hair, and go.

You know those little hairs that everyone has around the hair line?? You can't even see them half the time... they're really only noticeable in the right light..... unless you have curly hair. Then you can see them ALL the time because they get curly and stick up all "willy-nilly" (hahaha that's what my grandma says).

Cowlicks are sooo much harder to hide.

One word: FRIZZ.

I can't wear a hat.

I can't skip a day between washes (which is healthy, NOT dirty, so shut up!)

There's no way I'm running a hair brush through this mess...........

.....let alone my fingers (or someone else's ;).

Even though I'm not really a fan of short hair cuts, I can never get one, supposing I start to like them. Anyone see Curly Sue? After she goes to the foster home and they cut off her hair? Yeah.

Having bangs is out of the question.

The biggest reason I (sometimes) hate having curly hair, though, is that I can't seem to stop losing it. It's everywhere... my car, the bathtub, the corners of the room, my shirt, my friends' cars, my desk... it even gets wrapped around my glasses. It's annoying and disgusting... and it's not even like I can blame it on someone else, because it's all little tell-tale curls.

In conclusion, just because Sarah Jessica Parker can tame the beast doesn't mean I can.


Anonymous said...

You tell it sistah :-P

What makes me mad is when people think that you are being prissy because you take an hour to get ready after you get out of the shower. When you are really just attempting to NOT look like a lion with a bad fro when you walk out of the bathroom (especially in the summer).

With regards to the frizz, ever tried "Frizz-Ease"? It's this nasty smelling rubber-cement-type stuff...but works!

Oh yeah, when I DID take the plunge and got a short haircut, I was cursed with the name "Little Lulu" by my entire family for 3 months. I'll never do that again.

Although, I've always thought it was a plus that we can't/don't have to use hairbrushes. Just spray a couple of cans of defrizzing hairspray in it to shellack your entire head, do a little bit of headbanging to shake out any excess, and you're set to go. In that aspect, I think we have an ADVANTAGE over the hair-brushing population, don't you think? C'mon optimistic:)

They should have support groups for people like us.

"Hi, I'm Kelli...I (sometimes) hate having curly hair."


Loves it! Jen said...

But remember you're still just as fabulous and beautiful as SJP, and I LOVE your hair. Love you Girky, Happy New Year!!

Luke said...

But do you really want to be in a Gap commericial? I like to think of you as more of a American Eagle kind of gal.

Frema said...

I do think that short do's and bangs are possible, but can definitely be hard to manage. I say this because I currently have a short 'do and hope people aren't calling me "Curly Sue."

Another thing .... Most stylists say that curly people should comb hair once, style with fingers, and air dry. Do they KNOW how long it can take to air dry hair? Meanwhile, you're supposed to show up at work with a wet head and tell people, "Believe me, in an hour this will all make sense." Or get up at 6:00 in the morning just so your hair has ample time to adjust.