Monday, December 20, 2004

I know the guys in Dem Vittles (and Demagin), too.

Man... I have been out of commission for quite a while. Finals almost killed me this semester. I have never studied so hard, read so much, or worked so diligently in my entire career as a student. I'm pretty damn proud.

But, alas, when one part of my life excels (school) yet another has to be hindered (blogging). So, here I am, back with a blogilicious return. Except that, while focusing so hard on school, nothing else really happened, giving me nothing to blog about.

Let's see... I'm finishing up everything that's needed for my application to DePaul (all that's left are transcripts, thank-you-very-much)... I had a wonderful chat with Bree the other day concerning jobs after college and I'm starting to feel pretty confident for the first time ever... fixing up my resume and quitting because I can't keep it down to one page... sending away a few more things to various publications and contests... none of that is very interesting to anyone but me...

I saw my *favorite* unsigned band last night... Evenflow, a Pearl Jam cover band. Seriously... you need to check them out. They sound, look (to an extent), and act so much like PJ that it's kinda freaky sometimes. Usually they play a great mix of the popular stuff and the rarities, even a couple of the Christmas singles every so often... but last night they played pretty much straight through Ten and Vs., leaving the hardcores kinda wanting more... but we were appeased when they surprisingly broke out into a harmonica-less version of "Smile" (Beav forgot the harmonica, silly little man). Also, it helps that I totally know the band. The first time I saw them, I went with a couple of guys who knew them, so Lindsay and I got to know them before their set... and they remember us cause we're so damn great :)

Well, probably everyone can skip over that paragraph, except maybe Phil.

Also, I found yesterday that Lindsay (my best and oldest friend, for those of you who don't know) has a possible job opportunity in Kansas, doing some big important Math job at some big important Math firm. I'm not sure I did such a wonderful job of being the congratulatory friend... I was so surprised that I think I forgot to hide most of my shock and sadness at the sound of her leaving me. I know she probably needs to go, and that it will prove to be an amazing opportunity for her... and that she deserves it and so much more... but I'm still too selfish to lose my best friend to a stupid state with lots of tornadoes and farms. We have enough tornadoes and farms here, in stupid Indiana.... I don't want her to leave me.

Oh well. There's still plenty of time to be sad about that. Right now I think I'm going to sit by the fireplace and read a trashy romance novel. I'm not really in the mood to be smart and read something intellectual. I *love* being home on break and not having to think!!

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Anonymous said...

I just came across Evenflow from Chicago, they do a good job with covering the greatest band on earth. I was wanting to hear Dem Vittles, how can I do that?!?! If you know then email me at